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How to decorate a child's room?

How to decorate a child's room?

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Decorating a room for a child is not a simple matter. There are many factors to consider. First of all, the size of the room limits us. The smaller it is, the smaller it is
we will receive fewer arrangement options. In addition, the age of the child is important. We will buy something completely different for a 5-6 year old and something different for a teenager. How to decorate such a room? This is a big dilemma to which we will try to answer a little bit.

Separation of zones

The first thing we need to think about is the proper separation of the zones. In our opinion, there should be at least three such zones in the children's room. First of them
it will be the one to rest and sleep, a second place to play, and a third to study. Thanks to this, we are able to organize the room well and keep as much order as possible in
children's room.

Sleep and rest area

Above all, we need to provide the child with a place for comfortable sleep and rest. The arrangement of such a space depends on our and his preferences and financial capabilities. Many children dream of themed beds that can refer to sports, movies, fairy tales, books. This is a fantastic idea for decoration and making the child happy, but usually such models are designed for two or three seasons. After this time, the bed becomes too small and too tight for the growing child. In the future we will therefore have to buy two models. Therefore, buying a universal bed will be a better option. Versions in ages such as 5-10, 6-12 are often sold. In turn, we decorate the bed with licensed bedding. You can easily find sets with your favorite players, characters from cartoons or movies. The basis for health and safety should also be a mattress. More and more manufacturers are offering us high quality copies dedicated to younger users.

Learning area

Children from 5 and 6 years old begin their adventure with education. In this case, they should create the best conditions for learning and doing homework in the room. The basis here is convenient
desk and ergonomic chair. Such a model, which adapts to the shape of the back, will maintain the correct silhouette of the child. A chair or armchair is necessary because a child
it will probably spend a lot of time in front of the computer. The more he sits in the wrong position, the more problems with his figure later. As for the desk, it is increasingly recommended
there are versions with adjustable height and inclination. Thanks to this, they can be better adapted to the child's height. The desk should also have space for books,
school supplies. Right next to the desk, in turn, put a small cabinet and shelf where the child can hide all the books, as well as some clothes. Of course, you must ensure that it is correct
science zone lighting. Artificial light and a desk lamp should be a priority here. It's good if the entire zone is as close to the window as possible.

Play area

There are several benefits to having a play area device. First of all, the child will gain a place to spend his free time - thanks to this he may not disturb us while cooking,
washing, cleaning. Secondly, such a zone will be something that will teach you the pleasure of maintaining order. In such a zone, it is worth placing a rug, carpet, which will partially mark the boundary, as well as protect the child from the cold floor. In the place of fun, baskets are also a good idea. They can be canvas, plastic or wooden. They will be the storage for all toys. zone
for fun, as well as the whole room is worth decorating with wallpaper, stickers, posters, figurines or hanging objects.

Furniture that grows with the child

Practically for every zone in the children's room we should choose furniture that grows with the child. We are talking about such versions that have a degree of regulation. As a result of this instead
buy new models every 2-3 years, we will be able to use the previous ones after adjusting them. This applies primarily to beds and desks. This is a chance for considerable savings.
In addition, we will not be forced to renovate or rearrange.

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