Nurseries are still not enough ...

Nurseries are still not enough ...

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Nurseries are in what tenth municipality in Poland. It is only in the country 646 branches of this type (registered offices, as of June 2012). Childcare for children under three is also exercised in children's clubs. There are still too few facilities to meet the needs of parents.

Most crèches are located in large cities. Their quantity is systematically growing. At the end of 2010 there were them 392. The majority of crèches were created by the commune: 60%, 30% of the facilities were created by natural persons, and the remaining places of care for children under 3 years old were opened by other entities, for example companies.

77% of crèches receive subsidies from the commune. 53% of nurseries worked 10 hours a day last year, while the remaining nurseries worked longer. Some parents, because of the need to travel to work, are forced to leave their children in nurseries even more than 10 hours a day. Parents are asked to pay extra for oversized care.

Children can be placed in the nursery after completing 20 weeks of age However, 60% of children in the nursery have over two years. The average monthly cost of maintaining a nursery room is 1033 zlotys. On average, parents pay for a place in kindergarten 30% of the costs, i.e. they pay about PLN 328 per month.

An amendment to the act is under preparation that will allow for connecting nurseries with kindergartens and even schools. In addition, it has to change method of financing branches. Today it is possible to finance nurseries in 50% by the state budget, which is insufficient for poorer municipalities. It is planned to increase this limit to 80%.