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Expanding the baby's diet - when porridges and when dinners? Read our tips

Expanding the baby's diet - when porridges and when dinners? Read our tips

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Breastfeeding you give the baby the best. However, your milk cannot meet all of its needs at some point in the life of the baby. Therefore, experts recommend that no earlier than 17 and no later than 26 weeks of age of the child begin to expand his diet. Where to start? When is the time for porridge or dinner?

What should you give first when expanding your infant's diet?

We start introducing new meals with individual vegetables in the form of delicate purees and smooth puree. When expanding the infant's diet, we gradually introduce a new taste every 1-2 days, observing the child's reaction. We start with serving carrots, pumpkins and broccoli. In this way, you teach your child good eating habits from the first teaspoon. After about two weeks from the introduction of the first vegetables to the diet, the time comes for the first fruit. You can start with an apple, prune, banana or pear.

When should you serve porridges?

Porridges and other cereal products are another meal that you can introduce to your child's diet. Some of them contain gluten. It is found in wheat, rye, oats and barley. According to the latest recommendations, it should be introduced no earlier than in the fourth and no later than in the twelfth month of the child's life. Therefore, when you introduce vegetables and fruits to your child's diet, a good time comes for porridges. Try to choose those without added sugars. You can reach for dairy or non-dairy, which you will prepare on the basis of modified milk suitable for the age of the child. Such a porridge may be a full-fledged meal. Some cereals, such as rice, millet or corn, do not contain gluten - the porridges formed from them should be introduced into the diet to diversify the baby's menu. The mild taste and delicate texture are great for a child's breakfast.

When should you serve your first dinner?

In the next step, you can serve more vegetables or fruits. It is also a good time to introduce dinner or a soup with vegetables and meat.

Remember to choose safe products that have been tested for impurities or pesticide residues and give your child meals for babies and young children.