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What does a young mother carry in her purse?

What does a young mother carry in her purse?

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We decided to search our bags and see how the young mother prepares to go out for a walk. As the saying goes ... show me what you have in your purse, and I will tell you what mother you are, we leave to your assessment whether we are preventive, distracted, careful or inventive ... :) And what do you carry in your purse?


Definitely not Polish Mother. He tries to reconcile the upbringing of the child with selfish motives. When he sees a small copy of himself, he feels alive.

It fits in my inconspicuous-looking purse Mother's Everything Set. It contains items that belong to three categories: for me, for my daughter and just in case. Knowing my child, I try to be prepared for all possible adventures that may happen to us. Due to the fact that the bag is roomy and equipped with a long strap, it doesn't restrict my movements and usually suits all styles.

For baby

  • Something to drink - a small bottle of mineral water, or juice in a carton to quench the thirst of the traveler.
  • Snack - Usually it is a roll, possibly a soft bun, banana. In the event of a drop in blood sugar levels and a sudden attack of anger and impatience, a light meal effectively distracts the child.
  • Toy - A small, depending on what I get into my hands, it is either a cuddly toy - a small seal, a singing TV set, a set of plastic keys.
  • To read - a booklet or advertising leaflet, although the Young fond of promotional folders from Biedronka, which she passionately collects.
  • Pacifier- Unfortunately, it is still needed to soothe small nerves, especially when we stand in a queue for a long time or sometimes I talk to a friend.
  • Cleaning products - handkerchiefs, moistened antibacterial wipes, hand wash gel. Before serving a snack, I thoroughly clean my daughter's hands. Wet wipes perfectly collect leftover food from their mouths, even they can lure fresh stains from clothing juice. In addition, they are suitable for cleaning the handrail and swing seats.
  • Sunglasses- You must be prepared for sharp, sunny rays.

For Mom

  • Wallet - in it documents with the child's peel written on the card, cash for small and unexpected purchases.
  • Cosmetics and accessories - hand cream, lip gloss, mirror brush.
  • Mobile phone - Recently, it has been used almost exclusively for taking pictures of my child.

Just in case

  • Pen and notebook- When toys and Nadia fail to keep up in a pram, I give her something to write and a sheet of paper on which she can draw.
  • Pouch / plastic bag - In case you have to store food debris or a dirty teat in it.


I am the mother of two exuberant princesses - Lucia and Barbara. Two so extremely different that I see bipolar issues in every way. I try to reconcile motherhood and parenthood with the outside world based on a common sense approach. With different results ... but I assume that what doesn't kill me will strengthen me :)

From the very beginning, when I left the house with my child, I was equipped with a "Pea Bag". At the gondola exits it was hooked on the handle of the stroller, then it came on the shoulder. Now it is on the handle again, but much more full inside.
In its center there are always:

  • Diapers for a change, min. 3 pcs.,
  • Wet wipes,
  • Linomag,
  • Disposable wipes,
  • A few corn chips,
  • Drink.

Recently I stopped putting on:

  • Lucia's Pacifier,
  • Children's health book.

For this I added:

  • Second daughter's diapers,
  • Swaddling sleepers
  • A bottle of water for Łucja,
  • Mother's water bottle,
  • A change of clothes for Łucja (she came several times during the walk POD the fountain ...),
  • My little bag with documents and lipstick.

I never liked stuffing things in a cart or under a cart (because of Quinny moving), I always preferred to have 1 bag to watch. That is why, before the birth of Łucja, I chose the right size bag with enough compartments, which is enough to pack a child both for a short walk for buns and for a night at my grandmother's.
If we go inside for a long time, I add:

  • Ikea tableware (plate, bowl, mug, fork and spoon),
  • towel,
  • fresh clothes,
  • fruit and cheese,
  • night pacifier,
  • and favorite 2 books.

I must admit that the amount of things inside the Pea Bag is impressive. And you need to know that it is not so great. Just a plain, shapely pea bag.


He likes to discuss many topics. He doesn't know taboos. He does not like exaggeration and pushing only one trend in education.

Since Oliwka does not wear diapers, she has learned to drink from a regular bottle and does not fall over at every turn, my purse has significantly "lost weight". Instead of a large bag put on the trolley, now we go only with the most necessary things.

The moment the daughter took her first steps, the shoulder bag was replaced with a more comfortable long-handled bag, slanted and worn on the hip. It has its place here:

  • small packet of wet wipes (10-15 pieces)
  • handkerchiefs
  • a small pouch
  • pen plus a small note
  • wallet
  • cell
  • slices (just in case)
  • cup with a drink (not necessarily)
  • a small ball
  • for longer walks: a small camera, due to the fact that I am using probably the simplest model of a two-SIM cell phone, in which I do not even know if there is an option to take pictures.
  • any toys (in the summer in the sand), take larger balls in a plastic bag, which when I want to free my hands, hang on a purse strap. ... :)

I haven't changed my purse for a long time. Whenever I want to do this, I simply forget to postpone something, so the standard is that I leave the ball without a child or sometimes rushed while searching for the wallet, take a bib or panties in size 86 out of my purse. :) It's difficult to assess today what meant at such moments the faces of "childless" friends ... I always forget to ask about it ...

And what do you carry in your bags? Is the content of your bags rather standard or maybe atypical? How has it changed over the past weeks?