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Creative ways to take your child on a long journey

Creative ways to take your child on a long journey

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By plane, by train or by car? The art of traveling with a child is a big challenge for parents. Not only is the toddler tired of sitting in one position, he is simply bored. According to the Children on Travel report commissioned by the Aviomarin brand, the smaller a child the more he expects entertainment while traveling. So what does it take for a toddler, so that the long journey does not become a torment, but a nice adventure?

According to the report, 80% of the youngest (2-5 years) and medium (6-9 years) children and 60% of older children (10-14 years) expect to be entertained while traveling. Traveling by car with a child is often a test of creativity for a parent. If only we are patient
and we prepare ourselves properly, such a trip can give our toddler fun.

Word games

As it turns out in good fun, gadgets are not important, but parental involvement.
The report commissioned by the Aviomarin brand shows that a large proportion of parents focus on interaction with the child by adjusting the level of difficulty of activity to the child's age. It turns out that it is not difficult to organize simple fun, if only we have an idea. Counting cars, playing flashcards, the cult tomato game, and maybe singing songs together? Singing not only improves mood, but also oxygenates the whole body. Therefore, compose an album with your favorite songs and let yourself be carried away by musical sounds. If your child is old enough to read, read the book by role. This is a great way to add variety to your reading, which will distract your baby from monotonous driving for longer. A child seeing engaged parents will certainly not be bored, and this form of fun will be fun for the whole family.

Toys and gadgets

When going on a long journey with a child, you should also think about taking a few toys. The away necessity should not lack, among others, puzzles, board games and soft stuffed animals. In order for a child to draw or paint freely, it is worth getting a travel car table. Remember that a toddler will quickly get bored with one book or coloring book, so it's better to have a handful of other ideas that will help you fight boredom.

Safety while driving!

During a long journey with a child safety is extremely important. Before leaving, it is worth doing a technical inspection of the car, checking tires, oil and brakes. We should also remember not to put objects, e.g. hard toys, on the back shelf. The reason is simple: during sudden braking they may fall and cause harm to the child. For some children, driving a car, train or plane causes nausea and vomiting, i.e. motion sickness. If your child is over 6 years old, we can effectively prevent the symptoms of motion sickness by giving your child Aviomarin half an hour before traveling. You can easily buy this product at any pharmacy nearby.

Get ready to travel in detail and become a GREAT PARENT!

A wide and quiet road!