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Purgatory during pregnancy. Is it safe to drink tea with purge during pregnancy?

Purgatory during pregnancy. Is it safe to drink tea with purge during pregnancy?

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Is the purge pregnant?

By tracking online information, we will obtain mutually exclusive information. Some experts are of the opinion that due to the lack of tests to check the safety of using the purge in pregnancy, it is better to avoid this herb. Others, however, indicate that the purge is a mild plant, and the benefits of its use are so great that it is not worth refusing them during pregnancy. Where lies the truth?

How does the purge work?

Purge (Cistus Incanus) has been known for centuries. In recent years it is very popular. No wonder, since it has definitely better properties than those attributed to exceptionally healthy green tea.


Because the purge:

  • this is one of the strongest plant that strengthens the immune system,
  • antiviral, anti-inflammatory, helps in the fight against many microorganisms,
  • It has antioxidant effect, neutralizes free radicals,
  • antiallergic, relieves allergy symptoms,
  • reduces illness time,
  • removes toxic heavy metals from the body,
  • whitens teeth,
  • has a positive effect on the smell of body secretions (e.g. sweat).

All these effects are available with regular consumption purge. It takes a minimum of a month to experience the beneficial effects of purge.

How to prepare a tea from purge?

The recipe for purged tea is very simple.

Pour boiling water over one teaspoon of dried herbs and brew under cover for about 10 minutes. We can add honey or lemon juice to taste.

Is the purge pregnant?

Cleansing is a mild herb. Without any side effects. It is impossible to overdose it. Can be consumed by children.

These qualities speak in his favor. Because many experts recommend purges during pregnancy.

The problem is, however no tests confirming the safety of using the purge in pregnancy, who could reassure people known to love to be cold. Why are there no similar test results? They are simply not carried out, there are not many organizations that would care about them. Expectant mothers are rarely examined for the safe use of medicines, much less herbs. Hence the differences in the opinions of specialists about the use of purge in pregnancy.

Having the above it should be assumed that drinking purge during pregnancy is safe and even advisable because of the invoked health benefits. To be sure - it's worth consulting with your pregnancy doctor.