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Bouncer-rocking chair - what to choose?

Bouncer-rocking chair - what to choose?

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There are many gadgets that save the lives of parents. They make it easier when, in addition to caring for the baby, you also have other responsibilities on your mind and you can't use a staff of people willing to help. This group of products includes a rocking chair, which when used reasonably has many advantages.


A lot has accumulated around the rocking chair controversy. Just like many other parent gadgets. Misunderstandings, however, are usually associated with the inefficient use of the benefits of today.
The rocking chair will serve us well if we do not use it throughout the day, but maximum a few hours during the day.

bouncer it should not interfere with the child's proper developmentwho needs a lot of time to learn how to fall over, sit up or crawl on their own. That is why it is so important to ensure this time for the toddler.

If we remember the above and we do not treat the deckchair as a favorite armchair or couch, in which the toddler stays five hours in a row, there is no major fear of using it. However, specialists recommend waiting for the newborn period before placing the baby in the deckchair and making sure that the baby has healthy hips (which is also recommended before putting the baby in the scarf).

Why is it worth

  • The deckchair allows you to "regain your hands".
  • You can easily take it with you anywhere (also on a trip),
  • Facilitates the reconciliation of childcare with other responsibilities,
  • Children usually like being in rockers,
  • There are models on the market where a toddler can rock himself
  • The rocker can also serve meals.

Fisher Price seatchair


He likes to discuss many topics. He doesn't know taboos. He does not like exaggeration and pushing only one trend in education.

A model created for entertainment and at the same time for calming down. Has a fun option by hitting your foot with special areas on the seat that activate when the toy hoop is mounted. Fortunately, the sounds can be turned off. Initially, they did not work with us, because the daughter was simply afraid of them. In addition, the deckchair has a special button that activates vibration mode: we turned it on just for fun, but on the forums you can often read the mention that gentle vibration silenced the child and allowed him to fall asleep quickly. It was supposed to give a similar effect to that which can be obtained after putting the child in the car.

The deckchair has special pastes: three-point, which in the case of small children is sufficient, but definitely not busier (there are also rockers with five-point belts on the market: it is worth considering their choice if the product is to serve us for a long time).

The deckchair is intended for children up to 9 kilograms, from the age of three months. When your toddler learns to sit up, stop using it because the deckchair tilts dangerously, which may lead to falling.
The advantage is undoubtedly that the child can set the rockers on their own by kicking their feet. The parent does not have to accompany the toddler, putting the car seat in motion. This undoubtedly a very convenient and practical solution, but until the child begins to sit down. Later, I strongly advise against using this product!

Bouncer-rocker Wonderful Planet Fisher Price

Definitely less interactive version than the one above, however, more stable and solid. The toy has a hanging headband with a monkey and a hippo (rarely used with us). There is no playing option or glowing lights like the Fisher Price rocker described above. However, this model has rocking blockade, thanks to which it can be used as a child seat. Thanks to two options of backrest adjustment, it is possible to adjust the backrest to the current needs.
Unfortunately, this rocker it is difficult for a child to set in motion alone. Adult assistance is needed. For this reason, we used the rocking option rarely, and the sunbed served us when the daughter turned six months to about her first birthday: also as a feeding place. Due to the fact that we did not use a feeding chair, this deckchair had a dual function. Until my daughter grew up enough to eat meals with us at the table.
The deckchair can be used by children until they are there they weigh 18 kilograms. In addition, the rocker has been equipped with a vibration option, designed to calm the child just like driving a car. The material that makes up the seat and back is easy to remove and wash. Even after repeated washing, it looks like new. Bujaczek folds easily and is very comfortable during transport. Price around 260 zlotys.

Fisher Price Leżaczek / swing / bujaczek Fisher Price 3in1


I am the mother of two exuberant princesses - Lucia and Barbara. Two so extremely different that I see bipolar issues in every way. I try to reconcile motherhood and parenthood with the outside world based on a common sense approach. With different results ... but I assume that what doesn't kill me will strengthen me :)

Fisher Price 3 in 1 to combination of a swing, a chaise longue and a rocking chair. The fairly large construction allows you to attach the seat to a swing, which can be set in motion with a motor. The motor has 2 automatic rocking modes and 5 melodies at 2 volume levels. This version works great with a small child (up to 9 kg)when we need to calm them down, calm them down, or put them to sleep. The attached headband with 2 toys effectively occupies the baby when using the toy. In addition, the chair has 3-point seat beltwhich prevents the child from falling out.

When the child is larger, you can disassemble the swing structure, leaving a seat (the chair is very easy to remove from the structure, and the structure is easy to move). This rocking chair is a wonderful piece of furniture for an elderly man who can not only watch fairy tales on it, but also read books, play, or just sit and relax. The additional rocking function makes this seat, like a rocking chair, effectively calms the toddler and even puts you to sleep. When we need to stabilize the highchair, just bend the dam at the legs and we get baby bed. These versions allow children weighing up to 18 kilograms to use them.

The only drawback of the swing is its price, approx. PLN 470-500. So astronomical allows its purchase only to wealthy parents, or having a large group of uncles and aunts willing to group drop-outs.