Before you send your child to kindergarten ... Pre-school readiness

Before you send your child to kindergarten ... Pre-school readiness

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The last week of vacation is often a period of greater or less stress for parents children debuting in kindergarten. Occur doubts, anxieties about questions about a few-year-old readiness to go to kindergarten. Parents are worried how the child will cope, whether it is "big" enough, how it will endure separation and new responsibilities.

Going child is kindergarten bittersweet event for the whole family. On the one hand, we are happy that the toddler is already big and can cope alone outside the home, on the other we are afraid of all the aspects that we will not have a direct impact on. That is why it is worth preparing well for kindergarten.

There are several aspects to take care of before your child goes to kindergarten. Here they are.

Is the child ready for kindergarten?

Although the list of skills necessary to go to kindergarten is treated differently depending on the institution, there are some things to look after. Of course, there are children who are taken to kindergartens with diapers, who do not speak and are unable to communicate their needs, but this is rare. It is important at this new stage to:

  • the child could introduce himself with his name and surname,
  • express your needs
  • eat yourself
  • signal physiological needs,
  • use the toilet yourself.

However, if your toddler can't do it, don't try to teach these skills right now. This is not the time for nervous education. Instead, breathe calmly, control your nerves so as not to burden your child's own emotions.

Appropriate outfit

Parents often make sure that the child looks good in kindergarten, forgetting about comfort. Meanwhile, it's the casual outfit, easy-to-take shorts and easy-to-put on shoes that help your baby's life and faith in his own abilities.

Clothing can be signed, there are companies that offer special inserts. In the middle of the footwear, stick well stickers that will make it easier to put shoes on the right feet (right to right, left to left). Leave clothes for a change in kindergarten. Make sure your baby has his clothes ready for an unexpected change of aura.

Allergies and food intolerances and kindergarten

Preschool directors are well prepared to receive children with various allergies today. Often, however, this readiness exists only in theory, in practice, unfortunately, there are errors, shortcomings. Giving your child a dish with an allergen does not always mean the occurrence of a harmless rash, often combined with real gastric problems (stomach ache, diarrhea, reduced immunity, diseases), and even a health risk in the event of an anaphylactic reaction.

Therefore, if we have an allergy at home, it's good to be prepared to send your toddler to kindergarten. It is advisable to talk to the child, explaining what he can eat and what he should avoid. Good to sensitize to the special nutritional needs of the teacher and help in kindergarten, chef and management.

In some kindergartens, there are many occasions where children receive sweet snacks. It is good to make sure that the cabinet in the kitchen or in the room has a "safe substitute" for this type of occasion.

It's important to avoid such unpleasant situations, click.