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How to prepare a room for an infant?

How to prepare a room for an infant?

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An infant's room is a source of pride for every parent and a real challenge. It must be not only tastefully decorated, but above all functional. Although many parents after birth decide to arrange a children's corner in their bedroom, it turns out that this quickly ceases to be enough for the baby. What should be in the toddler's room?

Create a newborn corner in the bedroom

Shortly after delivery it is difficult to tear yourself away from the little toddler, who often needs a lot of closeness for both parents. That is why so many choose to arrange a newborn corner in their bedroom. Usually it is a cradle right next to the bed, although it can be solved in different ways. Moses baskets, made of soft, natural materials that facilitate carrying a child, have recently been fashionable on the market. Cartons have also become a real hit. What is that?

The idea came to us from Finland, where in the interwar period there was a high infant mortality rate due to cot death. The state introduced a kind of layette, which included the cardboard box and baby's essentials as well as the mattress. Today, young mothers can also receive such help from the state. Even during the visit of Prince William and Kate a few years ago in Finland, the princely couple also received such a cardboard box, which was considered a very nice gesture.

Regardless of the option you choose, there should also be accessories near the toddler's corner that can be helpful during breastfeeding. Keep a small table up, preferably on wheels, to always have at your fingertips a teat, a bottle, a diaper nappy and changing hygiene items. Don't forget about your comfort and stock up on a feeding chair. It will also be perfect after a long day when you want to look at the sleeping toddler in a comfortable position.

We arrange a baby room

In Poland, the term infant and newborn is used interchangeably, but we should know the basic difference. The child ceases to be a newborn after 28 days of life, and for the next 11 months we call him an infant. Usually, that's when parents slowly get used to the toddler that he lives in a different room. Arranging a place for such a child is not easy for several reasons. The most important is the fact that it grows at an alarmingly fast pace, which is why furniture should be functional and tailored to the needs at different periods of life.

Let's start with storage. Well equip the room with a wardrobe, which will have both a frame and shelves. Usually parents of infants and younger children do not hang clothes, but material shelves can be hung on the frame, and when the child grows up, a frame for outerwear will also be useful. Children's chest of drawers must be roomy and well organized, because that's where the most happens. Every mother knows piles of clothes after washing, stuffed in different drawers, and that's what we're trying to limit. Children's dressers are available in various colors, not necessarily bees and dogs, suitable only for babies. So even in a few years, your child will not feel ashamed. White, gray and powdery are the ones most often chosen by parents.

Invest in a smaller children's chest of drawers, which will be perfect when your child grows up a bit and needs a bedside cabinet. The point is, after all, to make this furniture last for you as long as possible. Check, for example, children's chests of drawers from IKEA in colors that match your preferences. For now, however, the baby needs to settle for a smaller bed for some time, but the place in the cupboards will not be wasted.

Speaking of a place to sleep, this is the most important element in the room. If you care about functionality, choose a model in which there will be drawers, where you can store e.g. bedding, change of clothes. Pay attention to the mattress, because it should be of very good quality. Also consider mattress foundations and protectors. Also remember about the already mentioned feeding chair, you will need it for the next few months.

What except furniture?

A baby's room cannot do without toys and a small corner. Invest in toys that will develop and engage all senses. Remember that the baby in the first months of life does not see exactly the same as you, so adjust the fun to its capabilities. To begin with, black and white books are enough, after the first month of life you can introduce more colors: first the bright ones, then only the colorful rattles will be useful.

A great idea is to buy a special play mat with a rack on which the toys hang. Of course, every child will also be delighted with stuffed animals, mascots and soft squeeze elements. A lot of items? That's why a roomy dresser is useful for a children's room.

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