Small child

Small children - small problems, big children - big problems

Small children - small problems, big children - big problems

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When I became a mother of a newborn baby for several weeks, I was terrified. That it is so tiny, fragile that it is not known how to handle it. I felt the same way with a few-month-old baby, although more tame and confident in dealing with a child. Today I am the mother of a 5-year-old and there are times when I miss this little fragile creature who had her constant and predictable problems. And I also remember the words of older people who bent over the pram and said: Small children are small problems, big children are big problems. I knocked my forehead at the time, telling myself it was stupid. That it is the most difficult at the beginning of the road, called parenthood. For consolation, it is true that the deeper into the forest, the more trees - the older the children, the more problems.

Small, sweet, crunchy

Today, with a tear in my eye, I remember the time when our son was born. And although it hurt terribly, as it happens in childbirth, despite the fact that the world suddenly stood on its head and changed beyond change today, if the newborns could talk to us from the beginning, life would be almost clear and obvious. Because the only thing that bothered me as a new mother was an eternal question - what's with him? Does he cry, hurt him, is he sick or does he have a wet diaper and wants milk?

And besides - a child angel. He slept well nights, luckily he didn't have a colic or painful teething. I put such a small bundle in a pram and set off into the world for a walk of several kilometers, because my hormones were still lifting my mother above the ground. It was wonderful, but from today's perspective.

Later, a man waits for such a baby to crawl, walk, say "mom" for the first time. Beautiful, wonderful, like on the ads!

Clash with reality

And when breastfeeding ceased and my mamine hormones began to return to their pre-stress sites, then I began to see black in being a parent forever.
Yes, I shouldn't write it, after all, a child is a godsend. I agree because it is so. But mum or dad are still a separate person with needs that cannot be put aside indefinitely, because there is a child.

And then the man (also the parent) realizes that now, after unloading and weaning, it will not be easier.

Small man, 3+ years is a challenge. Because he'll tell him what's on his mind. Because it has its own requirements and opinions, often different to those of a parent. That you won't put such a "kid" in a cart anymore and you won't cover his mouth with a dragon so that he listens and wants to go in the same direction that you are in a hurry.

You have to adapt to the new situation. And it is harder every year. Because it doesn't go your way anymore, because now you have to try and stand on your head. And work, home and even a moment of relaxation also belong to everyone. And finally you curse those wonderful days when the child began to walk (his paths) and speak (his opinion).

What's next?

It's a great unknown to me today. But I can imagine or watch older children in the playground or outside of school. And I don't feel relief that my son is 5 years old. I feel terrified as a mother, as it was with a small fragile creature at the beginning of the road.

Preschool children quickly learn about the world, not necessarily the good and safe home has been until now. The first conflicts between colleagues begin, the first black eye (seriously - two weeks ago under the care of 2 female preschoolers), the first frustration and rebellion against the rules prevailing in pre-school and education.

Begins the real life of your branch, protected until now under your wings. And you know what the world is like and the thought of releasing your child is getting you weak. But that is the way of things.

Your newborn baby will soon be an infant, 2-year-old, preschooler, elementary school student, high school student, student, employee and parent. Time goes by, children grow up, unfortunately we won't stop it.

Follow the child

My advice as a little-experienced parent is accept and be aware of the change. Follow the child, work on yourself, listen and talk. Help as much as necessary, but also teach independence. Be close, despite the distance that children age with parents.

And stand somewhere next to me, look at myself - am I ok or am I still a big child of my parents, struggling with childhood difficulties.

Or on the contrary - I am a conscious and responsible adult who wants the best for his child. He wants him to think the same about himself one day, being a completely independent being somewhere away from us, but forever in our heart.