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Hair oiling - an alternative to serum

Hair oiling - an alternative to serum

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If for some reason you do not use hair serumand you want them to be healthy, you can successfully reach for hair oils. Oiling is a very simple operation, and it effectively helps with various hair problems. Regular use of oils allows you to effectively overcome such problems as hair loss, premature graying or brittleness of hair, as well as split ends or dandruff.

The oil can be used even every day, preferably at night (the pillowcase may suffer a bit), so that the preparation can affect the hair as long as possible. You can also oil your hair before washing, at least half an hour earlier. After washing, you can also, but it is not practical, because oil anointed hair looks like it is greasy. Check out the hair oils available in the Kontigo store.

Before the procedure, it is good to cover your arms with a towel so that the oil does not stain the clothes. then pour a few drops of oil on your hands and spread it over your hair so that it covers them completely, from the head to the ends. You can treat yourself to a relaxing head massage - pleasant all the more because the oils smell beautifully. After 30 minutes or more or in the morning (if the procedure was performed at night), wash your hair thoroughly. If you're interested hair oils, store you will find on the internet, you can also ask in your drugstore.

If you want to take care of the tips, it will work best silk dryer. It is also a liquid substance, slightly oily, which is applied to dry hair, because it should not be rinsed. Take only a few drops from the bottle and rub in hair silks from half length up to the tip or only on the tip. Silk does not penetrate deep into the hair, but creates a specific protective coating on it. It also contains proteins valuable for hair. Hair treated with silk is easy to comb and allows for any style. It is best to treat silk with dry, greasy hair.

However, remember that the largest portion of nutrients will provide your hair with the right serum. Think about it especially when you see that your hair needs treatment. Used daily, properly selected cosmetics maintain the condition of the hair, but if there are any negligence in this regard, it is best to reach for a good serum and use it in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions for a long time. The results will not appear immediately, you have to be patient - this is treatment like any other, so it requires time. After its expiration, however, you will certainly see larger or smaller effects.