Quince syrup - for immunity. Do it yourself!

Quince syrup - for immunity. Do it yourself!

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Quince, as our native plant, deserves recognition for its composition and great performance. It is ideal in the autumn and winter season for strengthening immunity, as an alternative to lemons imported from abroad. As one of the few, it is slightly susceptible to environmental pollution. Raw food, but very tasty after processing. How to prepare quince syrup, which is great as an addition to tea? It's child's play!

Quince - the perfect recipe for immunity?

Common quince (Cydonia oblonga) is an ornamental plant. Its fruits ripen in September and October, are called "Polish lemon". In appearance they resemble small apples or pears, however raw, they are hard and sour, they are therefore fit for consumption after treatment. They are especially recommended for strengthening immunity. Why?

Quince has a great composition. Has a low glycemic index, Contains:

  • a lot of vitamin C (in 100 grams up to 15 mg) - strengthening immunity,
  • B vitamins - protecting against diseases,
  • calcium, potassium, iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus,
  • large amounts of polyphenols with a strong antioxidant effect,
  • pectin - responsible for removing toxins and heavy metals,

Quince juice for tea

Quince syrup is recommended for use during the infection season. Especially in the case of:

  • colds,
  • flu
  • dry cough
  • lowering immunity.

In addition, quince syrup works great on:

  • indigestion,
  • heartburn
  • enteritis.

Quince syrup recipe

We need two ingredients:

  • quince fruit
  • sugar

For this you also need a large jar.

We wash the fruit, cut it into four parts, hollow stones and seed nests. Cut into cubes. If we received a glass of fruit, we measure out a glass of sugar (we need sugar to fruit in a 1: 1 ratio, i.e. for 1kg of quinces, 1 kg of sugar, for 2k quinces, 2 kilograms of sugar, etc.).

We put the fruit in layers in a jar, sprinkling with sugar (fruit layer, sugar layer) until we fill the whole jar. Let stand for two days, occasionally moving the jar to mix sugar.

After this time, we can pour the quince syrup itself into the jars (or together with the fruit) and consume it on a regular basis (storing it in the fridge) or pasteurize for about 10 minutes - thanks to which we will be able to store it for several years.