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VITMAT COCO Baby Anti-allergic latex-coconut mattress

VITMAT COCO Baby Anti-allergic latex-coconut mattress

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Choosing a mattress for a child is a dilemma that affects many parents. I am not particularly surprised because I was going through it myself. There is something to think about, especially if we realize a few things:

  • how many hours the child spends in the crib in the first months of life,
  • how uneducated his body is and how sensitive he is,
  • how fast it grows, its weight changes as well as the mattress hardness requirements,
  • how big a problem now are allergies - nowadays it can sensitize almost everything.

That is why a conscious parent wants to choose products that are good, that is, comfortable for the child, universal - suitable for both newborns and 3-year-olds, as well as a busy older child. Also important is durability (it is known what children are capable of), easy cleaning (accidents during the night - soaked diaper, or illness can force immediate washing) and a good price - the child grows quickly, so the mattress also needs to be changed.

Why latex-coconut mattresses?

The mattress manufacturer Vitmat provided us with a latex-coconut mattress model for review COCO Baby Antiallergic. The first meeting looked like this: The next ones enabled our six-month tester a healthy and restful sleep, which is invaluable for parents. The coconut site recommended for children up to 8 months (roughly until they begin to crawl) was immediately accepted and accepted without charge. This was possible due to the numerous advantages of the Vitamat mattress:

  • two different sides with different hardness allow you to use the mattress from the first days of life, they are also good for an older child,
  • the mattress has a side made of coconut fiber (harder) and latex (softer),
  • thanks to special holes and zones in the mattress, the air flows freely - the child does not sweat and rests comfortably,
  • Vitmat mattress is naturally antibacterial and antifungal,
  • the cover is made of soft-touch cotton, easy to remove and wash (it can be washed at a temperature of up to 60 degrees)
  • has a multi-stage zip fastener to prevent the child from reaching it,
  • fits the baby's body perfectly,
  • is springy and comfortable,
  • has numerous certificates,
  • it is a Polish product,
  • the manufacturer gives a 10-year warranty, which means he is confident in his product.

The low price is also a plus - PLN 239 for the size 120 × 60.

on the part of the mattress manufacturer Vitmat

The title of parental hit for high quality, Polish production and good price!

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