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Home system of making money, or how mother makes coconuts

Playing emotions is not fair. Just like the brazen manipulation of one's dreams or even life tragedies. Unfortunately, examples of such activities can be multiplied. Recently, on the Internet, you can read newer articles about how a young mother earns eight thousand zlotys at home for an hour. Such articles are not marked as "sponsored" or advertising in a special way, they are displayed by Wirtualna Polska, which can make many people fall for them ...

Mom like you

The author of the interview you can read here arch is Anna Kowalczyk, who "she lost her job because of the economic crisis and decided to take her life into her own hands. " She found a "simple way to earn money". Perfect for mothers, ensuring a large inflow of cash without leaving home, without properly spending power (earnings of almost PLN 8,000 per month for an hour's work - who would not like that, you ask ?? Great thing).

A simple picture emerges from the interview - Mrs. Ania, who is neither an IT specialist nor a programmer, on the contrary, she is a computer layman and earns twice as much online as the national average. If we divide the average salary for an additional eight hours (as much as most of us work), we would receive an amazing sum, i.e. it would turn out that Mrs. Anna can become a billionaire if she wants to work more than an hour ... Why doesn't she?

Maybe because if he cheats, has a problem with fast typing and even with efficient mouse movement from the computer. Still, he can make money using these two skills. Her job is to write in forums. In this way, he gets rich at an alarming rate, repays loans, buys cars, a house, etc.

Earnings at your fingertips?

The article in the form of a fictional interview is so fabricated that you want to shout: "hello, who will believe it?", Unfortunately, just a short "investigation" on Google, it turns out that there are many women who complain that they gave to be fooled. Wanting a better future for their children, they paid over PLN 200 for a system to earn money at home, so as not ... to earn a single zloty on it.

But what's the matter?

Just read the regulations and there such "flowers":

  • money guarantee that does not guarantee that money will be recovered.
  • records of the type: "Although no one plans it, may terminate its activity and existence at any time without giving a reason. If this happens, all Users who purchased products from will no longer have access to websites. "
  • in addition, the system described as a way to earn money in the regulations exists as a form of entertainment: "The author and publisher of materials published on the website have made every effort to prepare them as best as possible. Author and publisher make no representations or warranties as to the accuracy, application or completeness of the product and information that is sold and / or published on websites The information contained on the website is for entertainment purposes only. Therefore, if the User intends to apply the ideas contained on, the User assumes full responsibility for his actions. "
  • it continues to be honest: "Although this field of knowledge is a field in which it is very easy to say and estimate how much money you can earn, there is no guarantee that you will earn anything using the ideas and information contained in our product."

We say NO to cheating practitioners. However, we are aware that they cannot be fully eliminated. The more that the site in question has been around for several years, occasionally changing slightly the type of product offered. Every month, more people cheat.

How to defend yourself The most important thing is to be vigilant and before we pay anything, let's read the regulations, check opinions, google. This is important. It will save us from disappointment. We will not eliminate all cheats and their practices. Unfortunately.