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Best gifts for Minion fans

Best gifts for Minion fans

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There was a set of presents for fans of Elsa and Anna from the Land of Ice, according to your requests, the time has come for gift ideas for fans of Minions, i.e. energetic and bold yellow creatures, among which the most popular are Bob, Kevin and Stuart. The film about Minions comes from 2015, premiered this summer.

What should you order for a little Minionek admirer? Here are some suggestions, send them where they are useful - To Santa, Santa, Grandmother, Aunt or Uncle.

Minions Movies Collection

A collection of movies about cute little yellow creatures? Three films in the set: We return to the beginning: "Minions are breaking up", "How to steal the moon" and minibuses.


Minions backpack

Very practical and great backpack that will love every Minion fan.


Minion vehicle

A vehicle consisting of 194 elements, for self-assembly. It has many accessories and has interesting features. Includes two Minion figures. Recommended for five-year-olds and older children.


Minions plastic set

A very practical gift that will be useful to everyone. It will be hit, we know - never too many crayons, felt-tip pens, especially for children who like to draw.


Minionki sweatshirt for girls

Minions also love girls ... Here's something for them ...


Dress and blouse with long sleeves

Another suggestion for a girl? Such a set is very facial and comfortable, perfect for everyday use.

Minionki sweatshirt

Available in sizes 92 to 140, warm and comfortable, perfect for a little boy.


Minions Tracksuit

Very comfortable tracksuit, comfortable to wear, available in sizes 98 to 140.

Lovely blouse with long sleeves

A sweet proposition ... See for yourself!


Minion in disguise

Or maybe a mascot?


Minions - find them all

A game for Minion lovers? A great gift for less than PLN 15.


Three-dimensional frame

For children over 4 years of age this toy was created - to create three-dimensional images using special markers. Before you start watching, highlight the frame and put on special glasses. Finished!


3D spherical puzzles

After assembly, 3D puzzles prepared for setting on a special base. The elements have been prepared to perfectly fit together, creating a perfect ball.


What do you choose :)


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