Can you swallow a teat?

Can you swallow a teat?

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Theoretically, this seems impossible, but NBC News is reporting such a case. Dr. Matt Warpinski at Botsford Hospital in Farmington Hills, Michigan during one of his roster received information that an ambulance was taking him to a childwhose pacifier is stuck in his throat. During 10 years of practice, the doctor never encountered a similar case.

After examining the child, it turned out that a teat was stuck in his esophagus. Initially, the doctors thought that the toddler had to swallow some fragment of the teat, but in fact breathing made the intact object almost difficult.

How did this happen? According to the baby's mother, Adrienne Herrick, the five-month-old son was jumping on his lap and the teat was about to fall into his throat. When the woman realized that she could not get him out of the child's mouth, she quickly called an ambulance.

Warpinski and his friends quickly came to the conclusion that the pacifier must have stuck deeper when the child tried to catch his breath and in this way drew him deep into his throat.

The child was intubated after being taken to hospital. The teat was then surgically removed through the throat. During the procedure, he began to fall apart, which is why surgeons pulled him out piece by piece. The toddler fell into a coma. He stayed in the hospital for nine days. Today, two months later after the unfortunate event, he is a healthy boy and the story described did not affect him in any negative way.

The case was commented on by Dr. Gary Smith, spokesman for the American Academy of Pediatrics, claiming that children are not choking on pacifiers, thanks to standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Before these laws were introduced, stories similar to those described above were common. Unfortunately, today pacifiers are still available in countries where regulations do not apply. Did the woman give the child a badly made teat? This will be examined.

When Dr. Smith comments, he calms down. According to him, one should be more afraid of what happens incomparably more often: choking with pieces of toys, grapes or large pieces of food.

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