Pyrosal discontinued!

Pyrosal discontinued!

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Pyrosal is a herbapol syrup. Known, "old" and recommended by many mothers. It helps to cope with cold symptoms and stave off infection. The medicine contains an extract of: willow bark, elderberry flower, linden inflorescence and coltsfoot leaf.

Do you have this syrup in the medicine cabinet? Be sure to read.

The Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector, by decision No. 1 / WC / 2014 of 8 January 2014, withdrew from the market throughout the country the Pyrosal syrup of the following series
1) series 020713, expiry date 07.2016.
2) series 010813, expiry date 08.2016.

The decision taken by the Main Pharmaceutical Inspector results from the decision of the marketing authorization holder Wrocławskie Zakłady Zielarskie "Herbapol" SA taken in connection with the failure to meet the specification requirements for organoleptic tests, i.e. the presence of lumpy sediment on the surface of the syrup in some packaging.

The decision was immediately enforceable.