How to effectively cure thrush on the tongue?

Small, white spots, lumpy coatings in the child's mouth (tongue, inside of the lips and cheeks) are typical for thrush. How to cure thrush on the tongue? How to recognize them and how to counteract them?

Thrush in an infant and older child

Thrush on the tongue may already appear within the first days of a child's life, which is most often associated with Candida Albicas infection when squeezing through the birth canal.

In older children, the causes should usually be sought surrounded by a child. Thrush on the tongue may appear especially during periods of weakened immunity, antibiotics or improper hygiene.

Thrush on the tongue - are they dangerous, painful?

Thrush on the tongue is unlikely to be harmful to the child, however they can be annoying, causing discomfort and even pain during eating. Toddler can be grumpy and refuse meals. That is why it is so important to act properly when thrush appears.

It is worth starting to act before the thrush spreads more and see a pediatrician as soon as possible who will order appropriate treatment ... Untreated aphthae (thrush) may spread to the skin, larynx, respiratory tract and digestive system.