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Mommy, how beautiful are you - how to get rid of the tummy after pregnancy?

Mommy, how beautiful are you - how to get rid of the tummy after pregnancy?

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During pregnancy, the belly grows to a considerable size. It takes shape to meet the expectations of a growing child. What pleases and becomes the object of delight during pregnancy, after giving birth in an instant turns into a problem that needs to be fought.

There is no point in believing that childbirth will make your belly disappear. Yes, it will be smaller, and after the postpartum period it will additionally lose in size, and if you decide to breastfeed, part of the work will be done for you ... All this, however, will not make a "radiator" appear in the waist instead of a hanging "bag".

Frustrating? Probably not so much, considering that most articles addressed to young mothers begin with the statement: "don't sit in the chair, just move!". People who edit such texts are rarely young mothers. They do not know that after childbirth and with a small child it is difficult to find time and strength, because childcare is too absorbing, and the mood changes like a kaleidoscope - in a moment giving a lot of energy, not to leave her in a moment.

It's not everything. Tips to move are only in a way helpful, because young mothers are actually constantly on the move, so running or walking are already out of their mind, because they do it every day. Still, they won't shape the waist as you would like. Here you need special dedication. The effects will definitely be surprising if you follow some important tips and choose which method to get rid of your tummy is right for you.

Attention! Do not try to get rid of the tummy in any way during the puerperium, wait 6 weeks for the body to regenerate after delivery and then start fighting!


To get rid of unwanted tummy, you need to train those muscle parts that are located within it. Traditional crunches made between feeding and baby's nap will definitely not hurt. It's a good idea to turn on the music during the day and dance in your free time belly dance even with a baby, which will give you both joy, and your abdominal muscles will work well. It's like relaxing. If you care about really good effects, very good exercises, which are unfortunately quite heavy and require persistence is an exercise program known as 6 Weider.

Is this not for you? You can also buy children's hula hoops and work on the tummy or choose a more professional device with additional massage tabs. Hula hoop will help shape a shapely waist and firm and slim thighs.
If you have time and money, you can go to the gym, there the trainer will choose the right exercises for you and quickly get rid of unwanted tire.

Discover a set of effective postpartum exercises.


If you are breastfeeding, there is no restrictive diet. You and your baby need many valuable micro and macro elements, which cannot be missing in food. But if you make small changes in your diet, you will not only lose a few centimeters at the waist, but also provide the baby with the necessary ingredients. Minor adjustments to the daily menu will be for the benefit of you and your child.

When using a diet, remember to make meals they were small but frequent. The most important element is drinking at least 2 liters of water a day, increasing the consumption of vegetables and fruits, dairy products, but also reducing the consumption of fatty meats and sweets (it's best to eliminate them completely from the diet).

If you are not breastfeeding, you can use the diet that you will individually select a dietitian for you or choose it yourself (Copenhagen diet, 1500 kcal or cabbage). However, when choosing a menu yourself, you have to take into account the risk of yo-yo effect. The rule is: the more you can lose weight on a given diet in a short period of time, the greater the risk that you will get fat after the diet. It is worth remembering.

It is important not to starve yourself (forget about fasting !!), childcare requires strength and energy from us, and it is food that provides them to us, a hungry mother eating lettuce all day long will not have enough strength to take care of the baby. Therefore, just give up such sacrifices and do not waste time on them!

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Dietary supplements

On the market, companies are outdoing each other in slimming preparations (and thus a reduction in waist size), so there is plenty to choose from. Some suppress appetite (e.g. apple cider vinegar, Hoodia Gordonii), others accelerate metabolism, improving fat burning (Ultraslim, Viola tricolor, green tea), or increase metabolism (e.g. Figure tea). The most important thing is that it is a product bought at the pharmacy, not online from someone of unknown origin. There are many cheats who are just waiting for desperate owners of unwanted tires. The pharmacist at the pharmacy will definitely advise which supplement to choose and in what form (capsules, tea, coffee, drops, cocktail, slices), so you can be sure that the preparation will not hurt, and has a chance to help.


The correct attitude is a trick often used by celebrities. Just pull your stomach, straighten your back and learn how to walk every day.
This attitude will make you appear taller and your stomach will be smaller. Although theoretically nothing has changed in you, you'll just feel better with each other and other people will notice.


You have probably seen movies from times when women, thanks to "stuffing" their belly in a corset, did not actually have it. In an instant they lost their folds, and in their place gained a slim waist and wasp dimensions.
Correctly chosen underwear can turn out to be the end of problems with visible folds. Appropriate panties compressing the belly make it very easy to attach a button in tight pants. However, if you are planning a great outing, or a romantic evening in the beloved one, a well-chosen corset can be helpful, which will make the belly invisible, the breasts raised and the partner delighted.

Home care

If you want, you can try to fight with an unruly tummy at home. Treat yourself to a start decent peeling of coarse sea salt. Massage the body in circular motions until the skin on the abdomen turns red. You can also use a rough glove.

Equally good it turns out milder peeling: mix a handful of oatmeal with a tablespoon of salt and cream and massage into the skin of the abdomen, then wash once with a cold, once warm shower (alternately). Finally, apply a slimming cream or lotion (e.g. Eveline, Avon) and wrap with cling film for about 20 minutes.

The peeling will accelerate fat burning, and the foil will help you absorb the slimming cream well and double its effect. If you do not have a special cream, you can make your own from the ingredients that you will find in the kitchen. Just a spoon of coffee grounds, a spoon of cinnamon, a tablespoon of ground ginger and a tablespoon of lotion that you use every day. Combine ingredients and massage into the tummy. It's important to remember everyday belly skin care. Of course, there is no expectation that the cream itself will work wonders, but certainly the belly will be firmer, which will visually slim it.

To reduce the waist size, a very clever method is skin cleansing. Just while watching your favorite series sit comfortably in the armchair and with your fingertips lightly press the skin, as if we were pinching. This method is very simple and does not require too much effort, and the results can be seen very quickly, because this simple way can improve the blood supply to the skin, and thus stimulate our tummy fat to work.

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