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Sperm quality - how to strengthen sperm? Difficulty getting pregnant

Sperm quality - how to strengthen sperm? Difficulty getting pregnant

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Over the past 65 years semen quality has almost doubled. Scientists do not hide that the prognosis is not the best and "blind ammunition" is becoming a real problem, it is responsible for half of the cases of difficulties in getting pregnant. Is there a way to do this? How to strengthen sperm and get pregnant easily?

Sperm quality - what are the standards?

What we consider to be a good result today, several dozen years ago was rated as very average and even disturbing. Sperm quality standards have changed over the years.

We currently recognize that every milliliter of sperm should have 15 million sperm, of which 40% must move, and 4% have an adequate structure to fertilize the egg and conceive the child. Meanwhile, such parameters several decades ago would be very disturbing for doctors, most likely the patient would receive information that conceiving a child will be very difficult ... and even possible. Today, a patient with such results is not worried. Usually, however, more time is needed for conception ...

In 40% of cases, the quality of sperm is unsatisfactory ...

Currently, every fifth couple in the world has a problem with conceiving a child (in the 70s, every eighth couple had such a problem). According to scientists, the problem will increase.

Researchers indicate that in as much as 40% of cases the trouble getting pregnant may be due to the inadequate quality of sperm. The difficulties with getting pregnant are so great that there is a great demand around the world for donor sperm. Also because only 4-5 men out of 100 meet the standards that allow you to qualify for the donor program.

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