The eleventh month of a child's life

The eleventh month of a child's life

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Some children first steps they are already betting this month, others are choosing this one of the first attempts at independence a few months later.

If you want an infant to encourage watching the world from a standing perspective, be close, motivate, encourage and support. Your praise and tenderness will help your little one overcome all difficulties!

Appearance - the eleventh month of a child's life

Next to joy, you can see more often on your child's face concentration. The infant spends more and more moments on developing complicated toysand, studying books, arranging blocks, or trying to take the first or next step. Many babies drink from a cup at this stage, almost forgetting the bottles. There are also parents who already during this period decide to start learning how to potty.

The child has well-defined muscles, which allow him to stand and sit stably with almost no problem.

In the eleventh month of life most children sleep once a day. Uncommonly periods of whining, which in previous months were actually a component of each day when the baby was tired every few hours and was unable to play anymore. Now periods of activity are longer, and the child seems to have infinite energy resources.

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Every child develops in their own individual pace. A lot of babies can walk at this stage. Some children are ready to take the first step faster, others need a little more time to improve this skill and hit the road.

Many parents stimulate children, making it easier for them to acquire new skills, for example, reaching out to them so that the toddler can reach the chosen goal on their own. This is a very good idea. It is not worth it though speed up anything letting go of the toddler as he walks confidently on our hands. The child will travel the world on his own as soon as he is ready.

There are also children who are most eleven months old of the day crawl or move in a characteristic way on the bottom. This mode of transport should also be considered as normal.

Each child chooses his technique of movement, refining it in every respect and gaining perfection in it, before this great day of independent walking on two legs occurs.

What may surprise you?

    • An eleven-month-old baby can focus his attention for ten minutes, or even longer, by performing a task that particularly interested them.
    • Perhaps at this stage you will be able to read a short fairy tale, and the child, sitting on his lap, will calmly end to the end, not hanging around or trying to escape.