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When to go to the hospital for childbirth? Not too fast and not too late

When to go to the hospital for childbirth? Not too fast and not too late

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The approaching date of delivery may disturb the future mother. He often asks himself: when will labor start? When to go immediately? And when is it better to stay at home? And finally, how will I know that this is the moment? No worries, delivery cannot be missed and probably every mother will knowwhen to go to the hospital. Under stress, one doubt may arise ...

Below you will find signs of delivery that should prompt you to go to delivery and those that you can wait at home. Read when to go to the hospital for childbirth.

Signs of delivery that should prompt you to go to the delivery room

The first signs of delivery they can be mild and some of them probably you can wait at home or sleep, but there are also those that do not underestimate, because they can mean that the birth is already underway.

when to go to delivery

When to go to the hospital for childbirth?

These symptoms should prompt you to do so:

  • regular cramps, worsening when changing position, there is additionally low back pain - it may mean that labor has begun. If they appear regularly every 5 minutes and last more than 30 seconds, you should go to the hospital
  • departure of the amniotic fluid - the future mother should take a bath at this stage and go quietly to the hospital, this is a sign that labor has begun. If you do not start contracting in the meantime in the hospital, you will probably be given oxytocin to induce contractions and speed up labor. However, if the departure of the fetal waters is accompanied by severe cramps, or their color is greenish, bloody with an unpleasant odor, you should immediately go to the hospital,
  • when blood comes out of the genital tract, it is a signal that something is wrong and you have to go to the hospital immediately,
  • baby's movements are hardly perceptible or very energetic,
  • there is severe pain in the lower abdomen.


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