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Mommy, how beautiful you are - hair problems

Mommy, how beautiful you are - hair problems

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Do you look in the mirror in the morning and see your hair hanging without expression or tangling from excess curls? It is probably time to understand that your hair has its own life and if you do not control it right now, it will be even worse.

Many a woman jealous of ladies with colorful writings impeccably arranged hairstyle or vibrant color, while what is on the head remains expressionless and far from ideal. What to hide here, the lack of time for intricate pinning or daily stacking makes my mother look neglected and tired. And actually good looking hair is half the battle. Hair styling, however, is not the only problem of women, there are more: thinning hair, dandruff, greasy, etc., how to deal with them cheap and fast ways?

Hair loss

Actually, already during pregnancy there is a problem with hair loss (the norm is the loss of about 100 hairs a day), at first there are a lot more on the comb, and then you get the impression that they are all over the house.
Does your hair fall out pregnant? You may be weakened due to pregnancy and body changes. It is worth to help special vitamins (if you are pregnant, you need to consult a gynecologist), you can also buy special ampoules for rubbing hair into your skin, masks or shampoo for hair falling out.

At home, it is worth applying very much a popular mask still used by our grandmothers. Just mix yolk, a few drops of oil and kerosene (available at the pharmacy, although without the mask is also effective), apply to your hair, cover with foil and a towel for about an hour. Then just wash your hair with shampoo. Hair loss requires very careful care, it is best to give up the use of a straightener or dryer for a while, so that the problem does not get worse.

Greasy hair

A typical problem for men and women: is rapid greasy hair. Hair washed in the evening, the next day looks stale and more than one woman leads to despair. The best solution would be to wash your hair as often as possible (there is no fear if your hair requires it, you can wash it daily), although there is always time and there is always a desire. usage the right shampoo will help us, but only to a small extent. Remember not to overdo the hair styling cosmetics, because their excess increases oily, the hair is best wash in lukewarm water, because hot stimulates the sebaceous glands. A great way to get excessive greasiness is to use a rinse with one liter of water and half a lemon juice right after washing your hair. And what to do if we do not have time to wash the hair and we need to look good? Recently, a specific appeared in stores - dry hair shampoo, it has the consistency of powder, just apply it to your hair and spread it evenly with a comb. If we do not have one on hand, child dusting sprinkled on the scalp and well combed will also do well. Although this is not a hair wash, it can be useful in an emergency.

No volume

Deprived of volume, sadly falling hair is a view that probably does not add any charm to any woman. Often, washing them and wiping them with a towel is not enough. If your hair is thin and without volume, you need to properly support it. The right shampoo is, of course, the basis, and with a conditioner or cosmetics for styling, it is better not to overdo it, so as not to weigh additional strands. Immediately after washing, the hair should be lightly dried with a towel, combed and dried properly.

The easiest way is bend your head down and dry your hair a few minutes in this position. It will be very useful in this situation to arrange (or actually pull the hair) on a round brush, apply it right next to the skin and spray with varnish. The right hairstyle can also make the hair increase its volume, any shading, as well as light curls will definitely help.


If white particles spill when combing, you can be sure that you have a problem with dandruff. Specialists will prove to be very helpful hair shampoos with dandruffthat can be purchased at the pharmacy without a prescription. A home-made and very effective way - before every hair wash, rub the lemon into the scalp, then cut the hair with dandruff shampoo. It can also help fight dandruff a special brush ANTI DANDRUFF THERAPY (price around PLN 10) for its production, active copper particles were used, which alleviate scalp irritation and reduce dandruff symptoms.

Dryness and brittleness

As soon as you look in the mirror, do you see dry villi that break and split? It's high time to strengthen your hair. In this situation, it is even advisable not to use a hair dryer, curler or straightener, because any action of excessive heat simply damages the hair. Olive oil can be helpful, just heat it slightly and apply it to your hair for about 15 minutes. Then rinse and wash as always with shampoo. Equally effective will be a mask made of natural yogurt - just apply to your hair for about 10 minutes and then wash with shampoo. In the drugstore it is worth reaching for a special serum that will strengthen the split ends of the hair.

Faded color

Hair coloring means that in one day with a redhead we can change into a beautiful brunette, however, maintaining a perfect color for more than two weeks is much more difficult. The ideal solution is to repeat the coloring every 6 weeks. It doesn't matter if we dye the hair at the hairdresser's or at home alone, the paint spontaneously changes with its next hair wash, it turns faded and sometimes even completely washed off. Good shampoo it's half the battle, it should be intended for dyed hair, and certainly should not contain citrus or herbal extracts, as the color will disappear faster than expected.

It should be remembered that unnatural paints wash off the fastest (red, blue), while blondes, blacks and browns are the most durable. When the hair color does not give us peace, and we do not have time to visit the hairdresser or a long waiting time for the effect of the paint, you can reach for coloring shampoos that wash off very quickly, but the effect is immediate, you can also help temporarily special rinseswith which it is enough to rinse the hair when washing to strengthen the color of the hair. However, mascara may prove to be an emergency solution for growth. Just brush the hair at the roots to mask the imperfections - brown will be suitable for brunettes and brown hair, and gold - brown for blondes.

A storm of unruly curls

For some, the dream is for others, the morning bane. Contrary to appearances, it is difficult to tame the curl storm, you have to get tired of combing, and straightening is not easy either. If you want to enjoy smooth hair, you need to start styling immediately after washing. Good combing is half the battle, you have to stretch your hair during drying and comb it often. If the hair is dry, it is worth reaching for the straightener (wet hair is very damaged by the action of the straightener). In the hair salon you can do chemical straightening- it works like waving, but in the opposite direction, but it will help us in arranging the locks for a long time.

Positioning problem

Dreams and impeccably styled hair or beautiful curls haunt many a woman. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to achieve the effect of a hair salon, but it is possible. The basis is appropriate foams, gels, varnishes, hair styling pastes. If you dream of gentle waves, just use a curler, thick rollers, thermolocks or a thick brush. When we dream of a storm of curls, just put on curlers or thin rollers. The larger the turn we want to achieve, the thinner the rollers we use. We always apply rollers to washed and dried hair, you can help before winding with styling foam. After applying the rollers, simply heat the hair with a dryer or leave it on your head for a few hours, after which you only need to remove the rollers, comb the hair with your fingers and spray with varnish. However, we never pull off the rollers when the hair is still warm, you have to wait until they are completely cold after drying with the dryer. If you are just arranging your hair and you lacked mousse or varnish, all you have to do is dissolve a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water, pour into a spray bottle and apply to your hair before laying. If you want to get a longer hair curl, you can opt for permanent waving, which is currently performed on different size rollers. You can opt for a delicate, long-lasting, which will primarily help you style your hair and give it a gentle curl. Unfortunately, the minus is that the permanent very damages the hair, and when the hair grows up, they look unsightly, and the second permanent on the same hair can not be done, so their cutting will remain.

Regardless of what kind of problem we face every day, we should remember about ordinary hair care, regular washing and nutrition. If you struggle with greasy or falling out hair for a long time, you should consult a specialist, dandruff also does not appear without a reason and should be treated with medications, while the advice contained in the article can only temporarily support daily care.


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