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The first movements of the child

The first movements of the child

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We are waiting for them, wondering what it is like when a small tenant lets you know about his presence from the inside. In the first pregnancy we shyly comment that it is "probably this". Sometimes, however, for several days or even weeks we are not sure if we are wrong ... Until everything becomes clear. We feel honored and we proudly communicate the next progress of the baby. However, before the joy of the child's sense of movement is experienced by loved ones, the next few weeks of pregnancy will pass.


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In the first pregnancy I didn't know what to expect. I saw every move in my stomach as a mini-kick. I was expecting a storm. Meanwhile, the first movements resembled the delicate bursting of tiny soap bubbles, which gently tickled my stomach. Probably they were not kicks, but only my daughter's swimming, but in me every such move caused an incredible desire for more. I told my husband that they remind me of flying butterflies, such as we have when falling in love.
In the second pregnancy I knew what to expect, so there was no greater surprise. It seems to me that I sensed movements much faster, about 4 weeks. I suspect I felt earlier because I already knew how the feeling of child movement differs from the feeling of appendix movement. However, the second time the movements were more pronounced and stronger from the very beginning.


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When I started to feel the baby's movements in my stomach exactly today I don't remember anymore. I know that I have waited a long time for it, I was curious how it feels when such a baby makes itself felt. I remember that it was the moment when I had to lie down because my pregnancy was at risk, at first I wasn't sure if it was our Bean or just some "revolt" of the intestines, although after a few "times" I was already certain. Sometimes, when I was lying, I had the impression that the fish was swimming in my stomach, at first a slight tingling sensation, and then quite strong kicks, especially in the early morning they were able to break out of sleep.


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I had the impression that this "is" already around 18 weeks of pregnancy, but the doctor, doubting whether it was possible at the birthright, said that it was probably the intestines. A week or two later I was sure she was a daughter. She "spoke" right after turning on the radio and hearing music. She knocked twice. Then from time to time I felt movements and this fact was not only pleasant, but relaxing.
At the end of pregnancy, Olive became particularly active for the taste of mandarins and chocolate, which accompanied us at the end of the year for Christmas. You did not need to put your hand to see the belly wave from one side to the other.

When does the child start moving?

The first movements of the child are imperceptible to the child's mother. They appear around the seventh week of pregnancy. Already then a toddler with about a centimeter performs neat deflections, which can be observed over time during ultrasound examinations.
Movement for a child is very important. It allows you to shape your muscles and skeleton. When changing position, the child learns about his body, explores the environment, checks the capabilities of the arms and legs.

When are the first moves?

The first movements of a child of a woman who is pregnant for the first time usually feel around 20-23 weeks pregnant. In the second and subsequent ones, due to the experience resulting from the first pregnancy and greater awareness of one's own body, fetal movements may be felt as early as around 18 weeks of pregnancy.
The first movements of the child can be difficult to identify.
First of all, because they are delicate, hardly perceptible. They are often referred to as gurgling, splashing, tickling, touch of butterfly wings. They are sometimes mistaken for bowel function.