Online reading? Now yes! For everyone and it's free

Online reading? Now yes! For everyone and it's free

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In the end, it is long awaited virtual reading library for children and young people. No more problem with the lack of books for all students. Now children can easily download and read it on a reader, tablet or phone. It has just started available to everyone, not just students, free platform, online library with readings - //

Of course, we don't save traditional books, but we applaud the government's project. We consider the idea of ​​the Ministry of Digitization and the Ministry of Development very successful! Any method of spreading reading is noteworthy.

Modern technologies allow us to read not only paper books, but also those in electronic version. There is a good chance that the virtual rental will appeal to children. Most of the students actively use the internet every day.

Currently there are 700 titles on the platform, which are on the list of obligatory reading in the basic and extended program, as well as supplementary reading. This is a pilot project, and plans are to expand the resources of the virtual library. We keep our fingers crossed so that the collection grows quickly.

And how do you like this idea?