Snow baths, or a way to play and temper in Norway

Snow baths, or a way to play and temper in Norway

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The style of raising children in Poland and in other regions of the world is radically different. Although it cannot be generalized, a certain approach is characteristic of our country.

For example, maybe I will write so much: in recent days, due to a small rain in a daughter in a group of six-year-olds in kindergarten, they canceled the trip, because they were afraid that the children would get wet, going three minutes to the bus stop (!). In Norway, meanwhile, preschoolers play in the mud every day, and in winter, snow bathing is practiced in some facilities. Effect? Children are much less often ill and have a lot of fun! Even when there is a runny nose or a cough, no one even wonders whether to leave the child at home. There is no objection that one "sick" child infects another ... There they think differently ...

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Norwegian children come to the kindergarten every day in warm jackets, pants and hats. However, there is a tradition of snow bathing that can be used in the swimsuit itself. Play is voluntary, but most children use it. Parents see no obstacles for their children to play with snow in quite original clothes for a few minutes.

The headmistress of the kindergarten, where the photos in this article were taken, emphasizes that the tradition of bathing in snow is over 15 years old. At that time, they only received one complaint from their parents. Everyone else was delighted with the idea, they emphasize that bathing in the snow is great even for cold children. He adds that fun is ideal for children from three years of age, he does not recommend it to younger ones.

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In Poland, such snow bathing would be possible?


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