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When you have to lie pregnant ... How to survive a difficult time?

When you have to lie pregnant ... How to survive a difficult time?

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Information about pregnancy usually surprises. Even when you are actively seeking a child. Two lines on the test is a big event with some ideas of what will happen. You can see your growing tummy, ultrasound and the most beautiful melody of the heartbeat, completing the layette ... but you rarely consider the more demanding scenario in which you will have to spend pregnancy in bed, lying, worrying about the health of the growing baby. When pregnancy is threatened, waiting for you 9 months is a lot of stress ...

When pregnant you have to lie down

In the first weeks of pregnancy, most women feel so tired that they would not be able to get out of bed at all. The vision of resting and sleeping at will seems tempting. However, when lying down ceases to be a choice and turns into coercion, the situation becomes completely different. Then a necessity staying in bed seems to be a torture, it becomes extremely tedious and demanding.

However, if the doctor makes it clear that lying down is necessary to maintain pregnancy, there is no doubt that the expectant mother will do everything to take care of the developing baby's condition. However, how to survive a difficult time?

When do you need to be pregnant?

Your doctor may decide having to lie pregnant 24 hours a day with the option of getting up just to go to the toilet. Sometimes getting up for a need is forbidden, and the expectant mother can't even raise her head. It also happens that the recommendation is a little easier to implement - the future mother is recommended to lie down for several hours during the day and avoid engaging in activities. It is obvious that the expectant mother must give up her job, and at home she should have a lot of help so that she does not have to strain her strength. Sometimes the condition of the future mother and child is so serious that it is necessary to stay in the hospital and lie in the pregnancy pathology ward.

There are also voices that lying down is recommended for exaggeration because of women who, when they get a recommendation to save themselves during pregnancy, wear heavy clothes or hang curtains, treating the doctor's instructions with great freedom. It is worth honestly talking to your doctor, finding out what activity you can afford during pregnancy.

Lying pregnant is usually recommended when:

  • there is bleeding and brown spotting in the first trimester, which usually means too low progesterone level,
  • you have an insufficient cervix,
  • the placenta is located in the lower part of the uterus,
  • shortens and opens the cervix too quickly,
  • you are at risk of premature delivery,
  • you are in a multiple pregnancy,
  • you have high blood pressure or are at risk of having preeclampsia.

Why do you have to be pregnant?

In many situations, pregnancy is essential. The doctor orders this position for the future mother because it reduces pressure on the neck, improves blood flow through the placenta and uterus, lowers blood pressure and improves kidney function.

Lying pregnant is not easy

Lying pregnant is unfortunately not easy. On the one hand, it is quite a challenge for the psyche, it is difficult to avoid depressed mood, boredom, a sense of isolation and disappointment that this is what waiting for a child looks like, on the other hand it is associated with specific health problems. It may lead to pressure sores, muscle and joint aches resulting from immobilization, troublesome constipation or insomnia. Bed rest, especially prolonged can cause physical and mental weakness. The need to rely on loved ones even when performing the simplest activities is especially perceived by independent women as a great torment.

However, sometimes being pregnant is the only way to keep your pregnancy at risk. It is worth planning the time spent in bed so that you have the help of your loved ones. It is worth changing the position in bed often, as often lying on the left side, doctors usually indicate to avoid lying flat on your back. To prevent joint pain or ease it when it appears, support the body well with pillows.

Sometimes it is possible performing simple exercises in bed, shaking your feet in the ankle, shoulder shoulders, and breathing exercises. The lack of movement is felt not only for the woman, but also for the child, which is devoid of valuable stimulation, so it's worth talking to the child as much as possible, singing to him, listening to music that will allow the baby to receive new signals from the external environment.

The time you stay in bed should be used for reading books, watching movies and series. She spends a lot of time on the internet, setting up blogs, shopping online (oh bills!). Once a day it's good to ask your partner for a massage that will relax your tired body.

When you have to lie pregnant take special care of your diet, which should be high in fiber, to avoid constipation, which can speed up neck shortening. Remember about groats, brown rice, whole grain bread, give up heavy and hard-digestible dishes, drink 2 liters of water a day.