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Unusual, strange symptoms of pregnancy - they will tell you that you will be a mother

Unusual, strange symptoms of pregnancy - they will tell you that you will be a mother

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Most of us know the typical symptoms that indicate pregnancy - nausea, breast tenderness, drowsiness. And what about this unusual, strange, and sometimes even surprising, not associated with a different state? Such as an aversion to well-known and liked dishes, itching of the palate or a runny nose? Read how your body can inform you about being a mother.

Runny nose / stuffy nose

Do you feel broken, do you think something is taking you? Do you have a stuffy nose, often reach for handkerchiefs? It does not have to be an infection ... but pregnancy.

Many women in the first weeks of pregnancy notice a deterioration in their well-being, every now and then wipe their nose, sneeze, have the impression that an infection is approaching, but this does not occur. The nasal mucosa is swollen, irritated, and may even bleed. What to do? Drink a lot, moisturize your nose with nasal sprays.

Bleeding gums

When you brush your teeth do you notice blood on the brush? During pregnancy, hormonal changes occur swelling of the gums, which become more sensitive and may bleed. In addition, early pregnancy may be accompanied by toothache. After visiting the dentist and checking that everything is fine, discomfort may indicate a different condition.


Increased vaginal discharge may be one of the first signs of pregnancy. Many women suppose that the reason is an intimate infection. In the meantime, often, the news of pregnancy surprises them strongly.

Food aversion and strange appetite

Are you looking at your favorite dish and you are convinced that it is stale, even though others are eating the best? Are you looking at the salad and know that you won't swallow a bite? For that, do you fancy a soap, washing powder or plaster ...? Relax, you're not going crazy. This is how pregnancy can manifest itself.

Sharp smell

Do you smell all the unpleasant smells that have escaped your attention so far? Every day the world smells more? Everything is more intense and often more unbearable. The reason is hormonal changes that also affect your senses.

Constant sweating

Sweat runs down your back and legs, do you feel stale quickly? It can be a pregnancy that increases the amount of blood, increases body temperature. Responding to this situation, the body increases sweat production to cool the body. Can anything be done with excessive sweating? Unfortunately not much. It is worth wearing comfortable, airy fabrics, do not avoid drinking and use the shower more often, as needed.


Unfortunately, this is not the end of strange pregnancy ailments - you can start drooling. Excess saliva often in future mothers causes embarrassment in social situations.

Bubbling gut

These are not fetal movements, which are definitely too fast, but the result of increased progesterone production, as a result of which you hear gurgling in the stomach, you experience boiling, overflow. Watch your diet, you may be particularly vulnerable to the effects of bloating products such as Onions, broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts.

Bloating and constipation

One of the first signs of pregnancy may be bloating and constipation. Unfortunately, the metabolism slows down during pregnancy, the intestines can be lazy, which results in gastric problems. You can somehow prevent them by using a balanced diet, high in fiber, vegetables and large amounts of water.

Metallic taste in the mouth

Do you have the impression that you have swallowed a piece of metal, or maybe your palate is itching? This could be a signal that you are pregnant. When hormone levels stabilize, the problem usually goes away.