35 weeks of pregnancy

35 weeks of pregnancy

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Toddler can move slower and less vigorously. Often, future mothers at this stage of pregnancy have the impression that there are less movements. All because of shrinking space in the stomach. If something worries you, you do not feel the baby's movements for a long time, see a doctor. CTG and abdominal auscultation will dispel your doubts.


All the time the toddler's immune system is improving. It is thanks to him that the child will be able to protect himself against bacteria and viruses that he will face after birth.

Every day the child also expels swallowed fetal waters. In this way he gets rid of even half a liter of fluid a day. That's a lot, considering the baby's size. In addition, the placenta still filters a very important function and filters blood and releases unnecessary products to the mother's blood.

The child grows up every day and improves the skills acquired so far. This is the last straight before delivery. If the baby were born now, there would be no trouble. As many as 99% of babies born at this stage can handle their mother's belly without any problems. To a large extent because of the weight (average 2550 grams) and body length - about 36 cm (not including the length of the legs).

The last weeks pass the little one on improving the brain. Every day more brain cells are arriving. Brain development is now the most dynamic and the upper part of the child is getting heavier.


imagine good watermelon. This is the size of your uterus, which fully fills your stomach.

You can feel pressure in the lower abdomenaccompanied by a strange, sometimes unpleasant tingling sensation. You will also be familiar feeling of heaviness and fatigue.

Brzusio can really weigh you down, why it is not surprising that there are more and more problems with movement. Be very careful and be careful not to slip!

At this stage, when the pregnancy is over very advanced, you will probably see your doctor more often - depending on what the gynecologist recommends - once a week or once every two weeks. Each visit will be accompanied by CTG examination.

You can observe your intensification whitish vaginal discharge. Troublesome constipation can also be a problem. Rhinitis and bleeding from it occur ear infection and sensitivity of the gums.

Do you have a dog at home? It is high time to prepare a pet for the baby's presence. Read more.

What is worth remembering?

Pack the bag. Check if you have everything you need. It's best to divide the free space between you and your baby (you can prepare two bags). Check with your partner the way to the hospital, assessing which way you will get there the fastest. In this way, when this important moment comes, you will avoid surprises in the form of road works.

Allow time for inoculation for streptococci during pregnancy. Your doctor or midwife will take a vaginal swab in a few moments to assess if you are a carrier of dangerous bacteria that can cause pneumonia, meningitis or septicemia in a child. It is recommended that this test be performed between 35 and 37 weeks of pregnancy. If the doctor did not order it to you, make it yourself in private!

Are you in your second pregnancy Be sure to read!

From mom's diary

When I think about the first weeks of pregnancy, I get the impression that it was light years ago. Today I am tempted to give birth and lose about fifteen kilograms. I would like to appreciate short visits to the toilet and the opportunity to do a pedicure myself.

The doctor cools my hope. Childbirth will definitely not take place before 40 weeks of pregnancy. I will give birth on time or later, because there is no indication that the little one should jump up sooner. Pregnancy goes through books and there is simply something to enjoy.

The doctor measures Little and predicts how big she can be born. I hope your guesses don't work, because I'll have a nice job to do. At the visit, the doctor offers me a leave, but I don't use it. I want to be brave, and because I like my job, I can endure until the solution (of course, saving myself and not doing any stupidity beyond my strength).

We already have a chosen name and we address our daughter by name. Let her get used to what will be with her for the rest of her life.

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