At what age should I buy a phone for my child?

At what age should I buy a phone for my child?

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There is no denying that we live in a world of modern technologies. Hardly anyone is surprised to see a baby playing with the phone. It is so common that it is increasingly becoming the norm. Preschoolers are already addicted to tablets and it is impossible not to have a telephone at school. There are plenty of reasons, one of them is safety, and the need to be like others. It seems that the world is speeding and we are with them. Unfortunately, we are often lost and have doubts. One of them is the question - what age should I buy my child's phone?

At what age should I buy a phone for my child? When he goes to school

The most popular term that is taken into account when buying a phone is first / second year of primary school. It is at this time that many children go out to school on their own and return home (if not at the beginning of the year, then at the end). It also happens that when accompanied by a grandfather, aunt or neighbor, they stay alone at home for several hours until the parent returns. Then the possibility of quick contact with mom or dad calms down and gives a sense of security.

A phone for a seven-year-old also works when the child goes out alone into the yard. It is not always under the windows, sometimes it moves away and when the parent loses his sense of time, the parent can quickly contact the child. Monika argues:

"I think a child of 7-8 should have a telephone. They need to be taught emergency numbers, the parent's number by heart, and they must know that the phone must be charged as it goes somewhere. "

Anna adds:

"I think the phone does if the child starts to move around the city by itself."

The first phone of a child at this age is usually simple - without a touch screen, rather with buttons, resistant to falling and damage. However, sometimes parents decide to buy a smartphone. Why? They explain it the need to catch up with peers. They are afraid that a child with an old, simple phone model will become the object of mockery.

However, it's not always a good idea to choose a modern telephone for your child. A better phone is a tasty morsel for thieves. There is also simply the risk of getting lost. Jola describes the situation in this way:

"My friend's sister is 10 years old and she probably already had 6 phones. And she lost it and smashed the screen ... various things happened. Last year at Christmas she got the Samsung S8, and already in September she whined that she wanted the iPhone she got for Christmas ... In my opinion, unnecessarily, her sister thinks so, but I don't have children, so it's difficult for me to speak. "

Telephone for a child, but without Internet access

There is also the view that a telephone for a child is a good thing, making life easier, but equally dangerous. Children are not aware of the various threats, so they should be protected.

It is even worth ensuring that for the youngest children buy a phone without internet access or block it. This is how Marta explains this need:

"I would recommend a phone without access to the Internet ... Both daughters of my sister have access and sometimes I get my head, what stupid kids do on the Internet ... And you have to remember that what you throw into the Internet will always stay in it and those children will someday look for a job as adults and such stupidity will continue to appear. "

Phone for eight? It's a fad!

Some parents assume that the child should first learn to read and write well, and then he can get a phone call. The opinion that a phone for a seven-year-old is a whim is not at all separated.

"My daughter is 9 years old and has had a phone call for almost a year. But today I know it wasn't a good idea. I wouldn't buy today. Now he gets a phone call only on weekends. "Patrycja

Ania has a different opinion: "My son got his 6th birthday from my father, which I was against, but he turned out to be a very good idea. Many do not understand this, but you have to go with time. "

The later the better

The telephone is not only a useful product, but also a threat that, in the opinion of many parents, often takes real childhood. Unfortunately, you can easily and quickly become addicted to playing with it. Not only when children are a few years old, but also when they become young and are a dozen or so years old.

Marianna warns:

"I'll tell you what I saw recently. Children 7, 9 and 10 - cousins ​​- like 2 MCs had fun together at a family meeting - some races, resoraks. So after Christmas, where everyone got a phone call - they didn't exchange a word with each other at the next family meeting. Every nose in your phone ... Sad
To sum up - I think that technological progress and the rush behind it of each of us takes real childhood to our children. "

You can't escape technology

Children don't want to feel worse than their peers. When they go to school, they want to be like their peers. Denying them access to technology at a time when all conversations are focused on what you saw on Youtube is extremely difficult. Paulina explains her decision to buy a phone to a child in the following way:

"Unfortunately ... wanting they don't want everything going forward. I was also "anti-cellular", but I turned out to be "one of the few-only a few" people whose children at school were without phones. The son felt inferior and did not understand why he could not have. Once a cell phone at school was something amazing, only the 'elite' possessed, now it is ubiquitous and having something like that is so natural that WE WILL become a sensation WITHOUT. In addition, in my opinion, now - in these times - so much is happening, everything is everywhere, people do not go to one store in the neighborhood, they just spread around the whole city and they are full ...
And I came to the point that yes, my 6 year old got a phone call. Up to 8 rows served only for going to school and into the yard. Later he met the charm of YouTube and is now 10 years old and in total only uses this channel. No FB or similar portals have drawn him yet. I have my games under control, I have everything under control because I'm logged in to me. "

For smartphone communion

If the phone is not for a seven-year-old, then maybe later?

Often, another important moment is communion, which for many is a determinant of "adulthood" and an excuse to buy expensive gifts. That's when many young people get their iPhone or smartphone.

It is worth emphasizing, however, that in most schools there is a ban on bringing telephones. In the event of problems, the child can use the phone at the secretary's office. So even the presented phone may not fulfill its functions.

Or maybe smartwach?

Agnieszka recommends a smartwatch with a GPS tracker for parents of younger children. The watch is also enriched with an SOS function that lets you notify your parent when a child gets into trouble.

This is how one of the mothers describes the advantages of this solution:

"A smartwatch works with us. I have an application where I can see if my son has already left school or where he is running with his friends. In addition, it has the function of sauce if something happens, I can call him at any time, he also to me. I think that the phone would be demolished in the first week and lost in the next week; / "

Paula adds:

"I am also concerned about this topic because I'm not for 7 or 8 year olds to have a telephone. But that he returns from school and spends quite a lot of time away from home, I have found a compromise between the telephone and controlling my son's whereabouts and will get a SMARTWATCH adapted for a child for his birthday. "