Winter holidays - guide for the parent

Winter holidays - guide for the parent

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Winter is in full swing. This is the time when students of Polish schools have at their disposal up to two weeks of baby and carefree. This does not mean, however, that children and teenagers must spend their holidays at home. It is a great idea for a winter holiday trip to camp, summer camps or a few days trip. It is a great opportunity for a child to take a break from learning and spend time actively among his peers.

How to take care of the proper organization of the trip for the winter holidays, what to check and how to properly prepare the toddler for the time spent away from home?

Before you register your child for winter holidays, ask them for their opinion!

Many parents planning a winter holiday for their children, simply enroll them in a chosen camp or winter camp. Before we do that, however, we should rather ask the person himself what he thinks about it.

Most children will certainly be delighted with the possibility of spending a vacation outside the home, but there may be among them and those who do not want to go anywhere. Most often, this situation occurs in younger children, who may even be frightened by the prospect of spending a long time without parents, especially if we have always left the whole family before.

In such a situation, it is worth talking to the child about the reasons for his refusal, but in case of further reluctance, do not force him to leave. A child can spend active and creative winter holidays in the city, and will have opportunities for further trips in the coming years.

Before you wave goodbye to your child ...

Decided! Our child goes on winter holidays. It remains for us to find a camp suitable for the child, winter colonies or other forms of recreation. And in this situation it is also worth choosing the form of the trip with the child. In the end, it will spend a dozen or so days at the camp, so it should be maximally satisfied with the choice made.

Talk to your child about the rules they must follow at the camp

Before leaving, it's also worth talking to your child about the impressions awaiting them. Let us first explain, jwhat rules apply at winter camp and make sure that the child understands them correctly. Our child should know that he must listen to the orders and prohibitions of educators, observe certain times of meals and curfew, and not leave without permission from the rest of the group.

However, if your child has his own mobile phone, which he will take with him, let's arrange to talk to him at a specific time, e.g. in the evening after dinner. It will give us confidence that everything is fine and the child will have the opportunity to share their impressions from the trip with us.

Check organizer permissions

Before we enroll the child at the selected camp, let's make sure, however, that its organizer has the necessary permissions to conduct this type of class. The number and is also important guardian rights, who will care for the safety of our child and his companions. The educational staff must be 18 years old and have completed courses for educators organized by the Ministry of National Education and the Board of Education.

It is also worth reading detailed regulations of the camp or winter camp.

In addition, make sure you Does the trip price also include sports health insurance, especially if the child engages in this type of activity during the trip? If in doubt, let's buy our own policy for the duration of the trip.

Tell us about the diseases and medications your child is taking

It is also worth making sure that the wintering grounds are in place qualified medical staff. If our child suffers while any illness or allergy, taking medication or requiring more care, let us know about it the organizer and the tutor and make sure, according to their knowledge and experience, there are no contraindications for the child's participation in the trip. If in doubt, we should also seek the advice of a pediatrician or other trusted doctor.

Ensure a safe bus journey

And finally, if the child is on vacation will go by coach, make sure it has been reported for technical inspection and assess the behavior of its driver. In case of any doubts as to his sobriety, we should not hesitate to notify the police who will perform a breathalyser test on the spot. The driver's sobriety depends on the safety and life of our child and accompanying children, so do not have the fear or doubt to request such a test in a justified case.

We pack a suitcase for the holidays - what should the child bring with him, and what better to leave at home?

When preparing luggage for a child, it is worth being aware that it will have to take care of its transport from the bus to the accommodation and back. The size of the suitcase and its weight should therefore be adapted to children's options.

In the luggage, let's put the right amount of clothes for a change, an extra pair of winter shoes, clean underwear, hygiene items, cosmetics and towels. If your child does winter sports at the camp, let's not forget about the necessary accessories and a protective helmet. It is also worth giving the child a small amount of money, which is enough for him, for example, to buy souvenirs or sweets in the store.

However, we should avoid a situation in which a child will have items such as expensive mp3s, expensive cell phones, tablets or designer clothes and accessories with them. Possession of such things may expose our child to theft or loss during departure. If the child insists on taking them, let us explain why such things should wait for him to return home.