Mishaps of baby food producers

Mishaps of baby food producers

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Despite numerous controversial information about baby food, the following weeks bring further "surprising sensations". From some reading it gets sick. Therefore, if you are particularly sensitive, we recommend that you keep reading.

Rat heads in Nestle baby food

A packet of fruit jar for children contained something that was hard to expect. In West Scotland, Nestle's parents found ... three bald rat heads. After removing the content, it turned out that the little mouse newborns are already dried, which suggests that they had to lie so long ...

Nestle announced that he would investigate.

Tea for children over 12 months of age

This time, the Hipp children's food producer came under the microscope. Yesterday you could read information about the withdrawal from production and sale of fruit teas for Hipp children over 12 months of age.

All because of ads that have been investigated to mislead customers. The drink advertised as healthy was supposed to contain as much as 2.5 teaspoons of sugar in 200 ml of liquid.

Although Hipp pleaded not guilty, he decided to withdraw the tea from sale.

This is another infamous information after the loud matter of adding Gerber MOM to meals for children, mechanically separated meat ...