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5 advantages of an anti-colic bottle. Is it worth having?

5 advantages of an anti-colic bottle. Is it worth having?

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Colic is an infant disease that causes parents anxiety. The sight of a crying child who cannot be calmed down compresses his heart. One way to avoid this ailment is to choose the right feeding bottle. Check the benefits of an anti-colic bottle and find out if it's worth having.

The anti-colic bottle, although reminiscent of a classic feeding bottle, has a special system that reduces the risk of air bubbles entering the milk. The valves in the teat, the ventilated base or the use of a special venting tube are to help. However, the breakthrough is the Haberman anti-colic bottle, which has a unique venting system - one of the most effective so far. Find out why you should have it.

1. The child does not swallow air

Swallowing of excess air is the most common cause of colic in babies. This problem is effectively eliminated by the Haberman anti-colic bottle by using a system in which the teat forms a separate chamber tightly filled with food. The air forced into the bottle does not mix with the milk in the teat.

It is worth noting that the teat remains filled with food regardless of the angle of the bottle. The child does not swallow air, so the risk of colic is eliminated.

2. Eliminates excessive food spillage

Classic teats from anti-colic bottles cause the automatic flow of food. This results in the infant having to swallow the milk quickly, which in turn can lead to excessive pouring of food.

And in this case, the advantage of the Haberman anti-colic bottle is to eliminate this problem. A small amount of food in the teat does not cause the food to flow out automatically. It only comes under the influence of sucking - thanks to this, the child decides independently at what rate the food will flow out.

3. Does not affect the natural sucking reflex

Spontaneous flow of food from the teat may lazy the baby. This leads to a disturbance of the natural suckling reflex, which results in fussiness when attaching to the breast. The child is reluctant to take food on his own, because he has to put in a lot of effort. So he prefers a bottle from which milk flowed faster.

The innovative anti-colic bottle is designed for alternating feeding. As the baby has to put in a good amount of suckling, he is also eager to return to breastfeeding.

4. The possibility of using one type of teat up to the age of 6 months

Most standard anti-colic bottles have several different teats - depending on the age of the child. This is due to the different size of holes that determine the rate of food flow from the teat.

When choosing a modern anti-colic bottle, you do not have to remember to replace the teat with a larger one - for an older child. The pacifier is universal - newborns as well as infants up to 6 months old can use the same size.

However, remember to replace the teat with a new one after approx. 3 months of regular use or sooner - if it gets damaged.

  • Easy to clean

Each anti-colic bottle should allow for easy and quick assembly and disassembly. This allows you to maintain hygiene in the administration of subsequent portions of food. That is why most of the models available on the market consists essentially of three elements: bottles, nipple covers and a teat.

However, this does not mean that the anti-colic bottle with the innovative system is more difficult to install. Quite the opposite - it was designed to meet the needs of mothers. Installation can only be carried out with one hand - the whole process is made in just three movements: applying a teat to the cap, closing the filter and closing the bottle. Disassembly looks similar - you must perform the steps in reverse order. Thanks to the fact that the bottle can be "disassembled" into several parts, keeping clean is easier.

Anti-colic bottle - it's worth having it

An anti-colic bottle can prove to be reliable support during feeding. It is worth reaching for it not only when the baby is struggling with painful and troublesome colic. The bottle with an innovative system separating the food in the teat is also great for if:

  • you want to avoid overfilling your baby
  • you care about combined feeding - so as not to discourage the newborn from sucking on the breast.

It is worth buying a modern Haberman anti-colic bottle - especially since it is not more expensive compared to other bottles of this type. It costs an average of PLN 30 - this is not a big expense, and it brings many benefits.