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Organic BioBlo blocks - great colorful honeycomb blocks

Organic BioBlo blocks - great colorful honeycomb blocks

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There are never too many blocks, truth? It's one of those toys that never gets boring. You can play with it in many ways and for many years. It allows for great, creative spending of free time, each time in a different way. Blocks give unlimited possibilities, and Organic BioBlo blocks resembling honeycombs provide even more attractions!

BioBlo - colorful blocks with a unique honeycomb structure

BioBlo blocks are wooden blocks with an interesting structure. You can build from them many spatial forms. However, not only. A distributor in Poland ensures that great for releasing soap bubbles (we haven't tried yet), stacking around the lamp for colorful lighting effects.

First of all, Bioblo blocks are a great toy, ideal for the whole family. And we checked it. Blocks take both adults and children for many moments. And at the same time they are so different from all the blocks we know that quickly arouse interest.

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What have we built from our blocks?

In our house, the blocks were used to create many constructions, not only spatial, but also flat. The children created drawings on the floor with their participation, grouped them in color, created their own invented buildings, and finally used blocks to create sandwiches and play in the kitchen ...

More complicated designs were created with the help of mum and dad.

Bioblo blocks - ecological fun for the whole family

BioBlo blocks are ecological product, 50% wood content, 100% free of plasticizers, PVC and BPA.

For large and small

BioBlo enables simple and more complex fun. Thanks to the attached booklet you can create a lot of interesting spatial forms. Nothing prevents you from creating your own designs.

There are a lot of blocks (340 in our carton, smaller packages are available for sale - with 102 blocks or 204 blocks), no problem, for several people to have fun at the same time.

They are easy to clean. The blocks can be washed with soap and water.

We highly recommend. Especially for older preschoolers and schoolchildren.

A well-deserved parental hit!

Price from about 170 zlotys.