Prolonged fever and flu and autism

Prolonged fever and flu and autism

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Recent studies show that autism in children may be associated with prolonged maternal fever (lasting a week or more) and flu. Runny nose and light urinary and respiratory infections are to remain unaffected. Autism is a serious problem today. It is diagnosed in 1 child in 88 in the USA and 1 in 300 children in Poland. Doctors are constantly trying to find out what affects the occurrence of this disorder.

Scientists have analyzed almost 100,000 cases in children born between 1993 and 2003, and mothers who were pregnant. They examined what medicines the women were taking and how the disease was going.

It turned out that in a mother who suffered from influenza during pregnancy, the risk of autism in a child increases by as much as two times, and in a woman who becomes pregnant with fever for a week or more, three times. In addition, animal tests have shown that stimulating the mother's body to fight the infection has an effect on fetal brain development.