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What about sunburn?

Summer is a time of fun and active leisure in the fresh air. Unfortunately, we also have to deal with threats during this very favorable season. One of them is sunburn. How to deal with them? What to do, when the skin is red, painful to touch and the toddler is crying? Here is SOS for burned baby skin.

What are sunburns?

Sunburn it's nothing but skin damage. This cannot be stated otherwise. Under the influence too strong and prolonged exposure to sunlight the skin is damaged. After a longer or shorter stay in a sunny place (depending on individual predispositions), the natural defense mechanisms of the skin against the sun become insufficient.

Sunburns arise not only when the skin is not protected by using creams with UV filters, but also when the application is too thin and too poor. For protection it is necessary to apply the cream every 2-3 hours in quite a large amount.

In addition, it must be remembered that a cream with a UV filter does not protect 100%. It only has to increase the time of safe exposure to the sun. That is why experts recommend avoiding UV exposure during the hours when it is greatest.

Sharp sun and unreasonable use of summer Sooner or later it will lead to unpleasant skin burns that are able to spoil even the best, long-awaited vacation.

Vigilance puts you to sleep, the fact that sunburn is not visible immediately. They usually appear a few hours after tanning. Nothing needs to reveal future problems on the beach. That is why it is so important to reasonably dose the time spent in the sun and in the first days of vacation extremely carefully protect the skin, starting sunbathing from 2-3 hours and then systematically extending this time.

What sunburns can appear on the skin?

There are three categories of sunburns, both for children and adults:

  • first degree burns, which manifest themselves red, warmed and painful skin. The problem only affects the outer parts of the skin. The discomfort associated with this type of burn usually disappears after 2-3 days. Burned skin is peeling.
  • second degree burns, much more severe than first degree burns, which are accompanied by redness and soreness of the skin blisters with serous fluid (they must not be forged). In addition, they occur swelling, epidermal necrolysis. They may appear fever, nausea, vomiting, weakness, headache. These burns can heal up to several weeks. Warning, second degree sunburn requires medical attention!
  • third degree burns - they apply not only to the skin, but also to nerves, which results in a feeling as if the skin belonged to someone else, ceases to be sensitive to pain, touch, heat, cold. Third degree burns are very rare. A visit to the doctor is necessary! The treatment is long and sometimes difficult.

First aid: sunburn

A child whose skin gets sunburn may be cranky, irritable and tearful. No wonder, the skin is red, touching it causes pain, it can even be difficult to sit, lie down or play. How to relieve a toddler?

  • as soon as redness appears, we act immediately. We cool the burned area to stop the process of skin damage. The best will be a summer shower or a cool wrap. However, we never cover burns with salt water!
  • burned place We DO NOT ice!
  • if they appear blisters, DO NOT pierce them,
  • grease the burn a specially adapted cream with allantoin and D panthenol,
  • burned place we protect for several days against high temperatures - hot water, sun exposure,
  • burned areas should NOT be greased, because it increases the pain. It is better not to reach for emollients or skin oil for the time of skin regeneration,
  • with severe pain, analgesics can be given - acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

Home remedies for sunburn

The following home remedies for sunburn bring immediate relief and prevent blistering on the skin.