Coca-Cola for vomiting and diarrhea in a child - does it work?

Coca-Cola for vomiting and diarrhea in a child - does it work?

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Does the child have diarrhea? Vomiting and you don't know what to do? You can hear quite surprising advice - please provide a gas free Coca-Cola, it will help right away. Only how does it work? If this solution is effective at all? Is cola for vomiting really a reliable way?

Coca-Cola for vomiting. They say it works, but it is not known how

The conviction of the beneficial effect of Coca-Cola without gas has been repeated for years. The advice to give your child a Coke previously put away for several dozen minutes to get rid of gas can be read on online forums. Interestingly, some doctors also give similar suggestions.

Coca-Cola is recommended for nausea, vomiting, intestinal flu, food poisoning. Supporters of using cola for digestive problems emphasize that the refreshing drink was created by an Atlanta pharmacist - Dr. John Pemberton, who initially sold cola as a means of improving the nervous system. Practice, according to supporters of this method, shows that cola is really effective, cheap and easily available, hence it has such good reviews.

How does cola work on vomiting? Apparently, it is supposed to calm down the gag reflex, reduce diarrhea problem, additionally add energy (due to the high sugar content), which is to result in a clear improvement in the child's well-being.

How to give cola for vomiting?

  • after degassing, i.e. putting aside and waiting for the drink to lose gas. You can put the coke away and wait for the gas to escape from it, you can also heat the coke in a pot,
  • serve at room temperature,
  • preferably in the morning and early afternoon so that the caffeine contained in cola does not hinder falling asleep,
  • Serve cola in small amounts, a teaspoon, preferably several times a day (3-4), no more.

Most parents notice the effect of cola on vomiting after 2-3 servings.

Is it worth trying then?

It is best, especially for the youngest children, to consult a doctor who will recommend the best treatment. This is especially important for severe and prolonged vomiting. Inappropriate behavior can lead to dangerous dehydration.