A wedding with baptisms. Is it good idea?

A wedding with baptisms. Is it good idea?

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Is organizing a church wedding together with baptisms a good idea? What obstacles do you have to face if you decide to combine these two celebrations? What are the pros and cons of this solution? Read.

Wedding and baptism in one day

Weddings and baptisms are two very different ceremonies. The first focuses on the bride and groom and their love, the second on the child who is the main hero of the event. Can you organize a day to baptize a child and vow the love of another person that afternoon? Will we gain two reasons for joy in this way, or maybe we will lower the value of one of the festivities?

Sure, as usual in such situations, it all depends on the organization and probably a bit of luck.

Double gift - a problem for guests?

The main obstacle, which is indicated at the very beginning are gifts. If the ceremony is "double", it would be theoretically advisable to give a gift to the child and the newlyweds. For some guests this can be embarrassing, because if you don't look it is a double expense.

However, a counterargument appears immediately - the opportunity to participate in two festivities at once, which saves time for people who live far or overworked, also allows you to save on buying dresses (which can be assessed positively and negatively - depending on expectations).

The more malicious people invited to weddings and baptisms in one may indicate the avarice of those who organize the event, accusing them that for economic reasons they organized one party and not two festivities. From the organizers' point of view, it is a great choice, but not always in the opinion of guests.

Some bride and groom anticipate possible problems, they do not inform all guests about the double ceremony so as not to put them in an embarrassing situation. They invite only to the wedding and the reception, not informing about baby baptisms.

I was at such a wedding combined with baptisms. Very good idea. It was honestly with the family we see each other on the occasion of the ceremony, so we didn't even know that the two ceremonies would be connected. We just got an invitation to the wedding and the reception, and we learned about baptisms in the church. This is also okay, because guests can accuse the greediness of the couple that it is like one expense for them, and they want to collect double gifts ... Probably if there were two invitations, then also many guests would refuse because of this double expense, and this was the case okay. Agnes

How is this done in practice?

In order to get married in conjunction with baptisms, you must obtain the permission of the priest. Some priests agree because in this way they avoid the problem with couples asking for baptism but not having a church wedding. However, other priests do not allow joining the two ceremonies. You can then arrange a baptism in the morning on the same day and a wedding in the afternoon.

Another solution is to organize a second ceremony in the church just after the wedding - baptisms take place in a somewhat reduced form.

It also happens that the wedding and baptisms do not take place after each other, but during one mass. First a marriage vow, then a baptism. Some parents decide to go a step further by baptizing their two children while entering into marriage. In this case, three celebrations are celebrated.

What about alcohol? And cake

Alcohol is also a sensitive topic. While it is generally almost always at weddings, it is not necessarily at a christening party. Do you put strong drinks at the wedding and christening meeting?

Opinions are divided. Some do not see this as a problem, others point out that it is better to limit themselves to lighter drinks (due to the presence of a child) - wine or champagne.

Buying a cake also raises doubts - do you want to have one christening and wedding cake? Or maybe two? One serving immediately after dinner and the other wedding traditionally at night?

Baptism and marriage - convenience or torment?

Is organizing baptism and marriage a good idea at the same time?

It turns out that it is not always. Ola recalls: "I used to be at such a wedding, everything was great until the wedding, the child was 8 months old and the bride spent half the wedding in the hotel room." Perhaps the solution would be to hire a babysitter to help you?

Certainly, a good rethinking of all the weak points of combining weddings with baptisms will allow you to organize celebrations that you will remember all your life. Is it worth it then? If you are convinced of such a solution, certainly yes. And if not, it's best to just do as your heart tells you.