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Let your child walk barefoot. Especially in the summer

Let your child walk barefoot. Especially in the summer

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Summer is the perfect time of year to go barefoot. Just choose the right place to take off your shoes and it's ready. A child who often walks barefoot experiences more and develops faster. Not only when he is just learning to walk, but also later in preschool and school age. Why should you let your child walk barefoot? And why should we adults also drop shoes whenever possible?

Shoes ... the later, the better

Tracy Byrne, specializing in pediatrics, or rather podopediatry, believes that there's nothing to hurry with baby shoes. According to her, toddlers' wearing of footwear can hinder learning to walk and even negatively affect brain development (!). Children who wear shoes look less often under the feet, receive less information from the "ground", as a consequence of this more often they stumble, lose their balance and fall.

Barefoot walking also has a beneficial effect on muscle development, ligaments, foot arch, improves body position awareness, and also has a beneficial effect on posture.

Can shoes damage my foot?

Research published in the podological journal The Foot in 2007 suggests that footwear can adversely affect the foot. This is because the feet must adapt to the shape and narrowing of the footwear. The younger the rate, the greater the risk of damage.

Children's foot is not a miniature foot of an adult. It mainly consists of cartilage mass, which over the years, ossifies to create 28 bone structure in adulthood. This process lasts for many years until later youth, in other words, the child's foot is shaped for many years, hence more and more experts recommend that you wear bare feet as often as possible and pay special attention to choosing good footwear.

According to many experts, shoes, paradoxically, instead of helping, they too often damage the feet, prevent the fingers from spreading correctly, hinder the proper functioning of the foot, especially poorly selected shoes make children more susceptible to injury to the legs and feet. Adam Sternberg in New York magazine in 2008 cites research according to which wearing shoes causes more harm than good. According to him, use every opportunity to walk barefoot.

"It took us 4 million years to develop our unique human foot and mobility. In just a few thousand years, with one carelessly designed instrument, our shoes distorted the pure anatomical form of human gait, harassing our legs with tension and stress and denying them the natural grace of moving in harmony with nature "podiatrist, Dr. William A. Rossi

Why should children walk barefoot as often as possible?

  • walking barefoot strengthens the feet and lower legs,
  • the body becomes more agile and less susceptible to injury,
  • walking barefoot strengthens your body awareness
  • walking barefoot is comfortable, allows more coordinated movements, better climbing, turning, balancing and turning,
  • Dr. Kacie Flegal points to the beneficial effects of walking barefoot on brain and nervous system development,
  • barefoot children receive signals and stimuli from the feet, thanks to which they better adapt to the space in which they move,
  • walking barefoot encourages natural, healthy movement,
  • it's also great fun for the senses, it allows you to experience a relaxing relaxation walking on warm sand, refreshment while walking on wet grass in the morning, slippery mud while playing in the garden and rough bark during climbing.

The feet have up to 200,000 nerve endings, in this respect they are one of the best innervated areas of the body.