Is it time for tights under your pants?

Is it time for tights under your pants?

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Autumn can be capricious. In some regions of Poland in the morning there are only a few degrees in the plus: cold. What some have already scraped their windows. The cold feeling is further enhanced by the gusty wind. It's enough for discussions on parents' forums to start - is it time for tights?

How to dress a child is another topic that evokes emotions. One of many mums most often undertaken by young interns. Just reading the first better thread to notice that there are two extreme attitudes: one is the so-called cold tempered breeding, the other - dressing so that the child does not freeze.

Joanna notes: "It's October, not January. What tights? What are you talking about ?! I put panties under my pants. Why tights? Only panties. Nothing more! What will you put on the baby when the frost comes and there are ten minus? " Karolina's response appears quite quickly: "I dress children not according to the calendar, but a thermometer! Not all children are taken to kindergartens by car. Some of them go with their parents a dozen or so minutes by the hand at six in the morning. And then it's cold. And when it's cold, I put on warm winter pants and thicker tights underneath. "

It's amazing how much we like to impose our opinions on other parents. We are sure that we know best what to do. We do not take into account the fact that every child can perceive the ambient temperature differently. One child can be taken to kindergarten, the other child must go on foot. Walking times for children are also different. The temperature in different places in Poland looks different. Is there anything to crush copies for?

How can you check if your child is cold? So a few rules about dressing