How to stop nosebleeds?

How to stop nosebleeds?

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Nosebleeds can happen to anyone. It is extremely common in children. This is not a serious symptom, usually associated with prosaic ailments, as runny nose, strong coughor mucosal damage by a child while picking his nose. There are other reasons below. Whatever the reason, a child's nosebleeds usually do not require a doctor's appointment. How to stop nosebleeds? You can easily do it yourself, at home, at school, kindergarten, wherever you are. It is important to follow the rules below.

Nosebleeds - the most common causes

Nosebleeds can occur in many situations. The most common are:

  • during periods of weakness, associated with the disease or immediately after infection, during a cold, cough,
  • as a result of injuries, in the event of fracture, fall, beating,
  • rarely for systemic diseases (coagulation disorders, vascular problems, etc.).

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How to stop nosebleeds?

There is still the conviction that the first impulse should be tilting the head back. Nothing could be more wrong!

When you tilt your head back, the blood will run down your throat, which can provoke vomiting, nausea, and even choking. Let's not do this! This is dangerous!

How to stop nosebleeds? First of all, you should propose to the child sitting position with the head tilted slightly forward. It is not advisable to lie or walk, which may increase blood flow.

If the nose is blocked, there are shreds of blood, help the child blow his nose, then get his nose blocked. The easiest way is squeezing the wings of the nose with two fingers. Just 5-7 minutes, during which bleeding should stop. During this time, the child breathes through the mouth.

Some people decide to prepare a cold compress or a tampon inserted into the nose. There are no sources that confirm the full effectiveness of this method, but it can bring relief to the child. The compress is removed after 20 minutes.

How to stop nosebleeds? When to see a doctor

If the nosebleed does not stop after a few minutes, go to the emergency room of the ENT specialist. Similarly, it is worth consulting a specialist if nosebleeds occur frequently.