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"Little Bad Book," or a book that wanted to be bad

"Little Bad Book," or a book that wanted to be bad

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On the shelf for children's books, there are plenty of unconventional, surprising, already formula-attracting small readers. Who says you have to read the book from beginning to end? Moving through the cards at random, according to the key set by the author, is much more interesting. To reach the next chapter, you have to solve the puzzle or answer the trick question. Such a book is not ordinary reading, it is an adventure, almost a game, provided with lots of drawings and funny graphics. It engages the reader and is remembered for a long time. Just like "Little Bad Book."

"Little Bad Book" will tell you its stories

"Little Bad Book" is an amazing first person story. The narrator is a book, small and with the ambition of becoming "bad". At the outset, he warns the reader that he opens the book at his own risk. That's not all. The reader must sign a statement that will help a small book become a bad book. It is the reader, and not someone else, who is to fulfill the dream of the book, which the book urgently requests.

Just take the first step to get caught up in an amazing game during which a small reader travels the pages of the book getting to know amazing and sometimes scary stories. However, everything is kept in a light, playful atmosphere, thanks to which reading does not freeze blood in the veins, it only raises a significant smile on the lips.

Along with building the reader's involvement, more characters appear who try to steal magical knowledge and prevent a small book from making dreams come true. Who will win? Reader? Book? Intruders? Or maybe the answer is much more surprising?

For children who like puzzles

Which children don't like puzzles? There is probably a few-year-old who resists the temptation to discover the "evil, forbidden world" in a dark atmosphere and amazing style. The "Little Bad Book" gives you the opportunity to read for yourself and explore the chambers with strong excitement of finding out how this story ends.

Magnus Myst created an original story. I am not surprised that the book has become a bestseller in Europe. We recommend reading for children 9+.

Thank you to Prószyński i S-ka Publishing House for providing us with a copy of the review book.