How do you give your child medicine? I have proven patents

How do you give your child medicine? I have proven patents

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The disease does not choose, it affects everyone. Even a baby with exceptionally strong immunity and rarely sick. When attacking a small child, it often turns out that you need to give the medicine after visiting the doctor. It is not always easy. Children often protest before giving medicine, cry, plug their mouths, turn their heads away. They don't want to cooperate. They complain about the unpleasant smell or taste of medicine. Asking and persuading are of little use. What to do in this situation? Forcibly applying the drug for safety reasons is not a good idea! How do you give your child medicine? How can the medicine not be spat out or provoke vomiting?

How do you give your child medicine? Make tea

Not every medicine can be added to milk or soup (read the package leaflet carefully). It is safer to measure the right amount and add medicinal specific to your favorite tea. There is a chance that the child will drink the medicine along with the tea without unnecessary protests.

However, beware! If you distribute the medicine in food or drink, make sure your child eats / drinks everything.

How do you give your child medicine? With yogurt or porridge

The solution practiced by many parents is to give the medicine together with yogurt. Three teaspoons of yogurt are enough to spread the medicine and give it to the child.

How do you give your medicine? With a syringe to the cheek

An indispensable way to give medicine to a small child is to measure the medicine with a syringe and apply it directly to the inner surface of the cheek. This way the medicine gets straight into your throat. You can have juice or tea to drink or a salty finger.

When the situation is extremely difficult, you can ask for help from a second person who will try to distract the child at the time of administration. An older child may be asked to close his eyes.

How do you give your medicine? In juice

If the child is to take the tablet, it can be crushed and served in a thick juice, along with pudding or jelly.

How do you give your medicine? On a teat or lollipop

If the medicine is in the form of droplets, it can be given on a teat or lollipop. It is enough to gradually measure out the amount needed and give to the child. This is a more time-consuming method, but in practice it is often the most effective.