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An aggressive student terrorizes the entire class. What to do?

An aggressive student terrorizes the entire class. What to do?

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Teachers do not hide their insights. The scale of aggression among children, including the youngest, going to first grades, is increasing dramatically. It is on the agenda swearing, verbal aggression, pushing, as well as beating or throwing objects, destroying them in moments of nervousness. In many classrooms, teachers face one or more in particular everyday aggressive children who disorganize learning in the whole class. Is there a way to do this? Especially in a situation where parents of aggressive children see no problem?

Aggression at school - shocking statistics

According to the Education Development Center, every tenth student is harassed at school by peers. In elementary school, half of the students face insults and insults, 25% are excluded from the peer group, and every 10th student is regularly harassed. Equally worrying are the data of the Supreme Audit Office, verbal aggression met 74% of elementary school students and 43% of children. 53% of students and 15% of teachers spoke of physical violence. According to the Educational Research Institute, boys are much more likely to be victims of aggression than girls.

In accordance with the Civil Code, it is the school's responsibility to ensure the safety of students both during classes and during breaks between them. Pursuant to Article 427 of the Civil Code, from Articles 415 and 444 civil liability for an accident at school is borne by the teacher under whose care the incident occurred.

The teacher does not have an easy task. He is obliged to teach about 25 children every day. When one child hits the class who cannot comply with the school rules, the whole class suffers. Instead of devoting attention to "polite" children, the teacher focuses most of his attention on a difficult child.

Why is the student aggressive?

The student's aggressive behavior does not come from nowhere. It usually results either from mistakes made by parents at home (lack of clear rules or an overly authoritarian style of upbringing, a frequent source of problems is domestic violence), or from the incompetence of a teacher who is unable to meet the specific requirements of a given child. Behavior disorders that require psychiatric diagnostics are also a frequent problem. Unfortunately, in the latter case, cooperation with the parents of the disturbed child becomes particularly important. However, when the mom or dad of a child does not allow information that their child may have a problem, solving it in practice becomes very difficult.

What can a parent do?

You must respond to aggressive behavior. Today, there are various ways to report aggressive behavior, one of which is the e-journal. Any parent can send through it message to the teacher of an aggressive pupil's teacher asking for intervention.

The next step is reporting a problem to a school educator, next - report a problem to the school headmaster (the school principal must write a letter to the parent's letter). As parents, you can also apply with an application to the management for an aggressive child to receive individual teaching. In addition, the headmaster should offer the parents of an aggressive student psychological help - § 2 para. 2 point 4, § 3, § 23 of the Regulation of the Minister of National Education of 09.08.2017. Besides, although unfortunately he rarely does, has the ability to inform the family court about the situation of an aggressive minor student. In addition, the school headmaster has the possibility to report the problem to the school board with a request to transfer the student to another school - art. 68 paragraph 3 p.o.

If nothing changes at this stage, the next option is intervening in the school superintendent, where full documentation of the case should be sent, informing about previous steps taken. All letters should be sent by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. Unfortunately, intervention at the school board rarely solves the problem, because the institution answers in response whether the school has taken appropriate action and receives the answer that yes, the school is trying to solve it. If the school underestimates the problem, you can ask for help to leading authority (commune head, mayor or president).

If the child is aggressive and hurts other students, it's worth it Each time after disputable situations go to the doctor with the child and get information about skin injuries. You can also make an appointment with a psychologist and obtain a certificate that the child is stressed and worried about his safety due to the situation at school.

In addition, an effective strategy can be informing the police about every incident. Make a letter or go to the police station and make a notification about beating, harassment, etc.

Violation of physical integrity, loss of a child's sense of security and enormous stress are enough reasons to, in the absence of cooperation with parents of an aggressive child, refer the matter to institutions that can help.

Aggressive student at school? A case in court

Reporting a case of harassment or beating to the police often ends in a family court. The child may gain an assisting teacher at school, the court may decide on the supervision of the probation officer and visits controlling the family.

A parent can also (without waiting for the police to take this step) draw up a "Request for Insight into a Child's Situation" and file it with the District Court. Consequently, the guardian and social worker will be interested in the family of an aggressive child.


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