Coming soon to the new program "Grandma plus"?

Coming soon to the new program "Grandma plus"?

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After the 500+ program and mother four plus, maybe it's time for "grandma plus". Elżbieta Rafalska is considering introducing a new program addressed to grandmothers who will quit their careers to look after their grandson.

Where did the idea for the new program come from?

"Grandma plus" is an idea that Elżbieta Rafalska is considering after her visit to Hungary. The minister is impressed by the program known as GYES, which grandparents are also entitled to.

The support program can be used for three years from the birth of the child, provided that certain conditions are met. For half a year after the birth of the child, the mother does not return to work, and when the child is one year old and the mother returns to work, the child's grandmother can start receiving the benefit, who will take care of him.

Will grandmothers be more willing to help with grandchildren?

Many parents face the great challenge of caring for a small child, especially when they are about to end their year and need to return to work. It is not always possible to put your child to nursery. Sometimes a child gets sick so often that such care is pointless. It is a great help to put a small child under the care of a loved one - grandmother.

The problem is that many modern grandmothers are still professionally active. Help in the form of "Grandma plus" could be invaluable. Only that the amount paid in Hungary to grandmothers is small, it equals our Polish 400 zlotys. Would this amount of money encourage grandmothers to look after their grandchildren? Is setting up the program remarkable at all?