In British schools without watches, because students can't read the time

In British schools without watches, because students can't read the time

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In many British schools, analog clocks have disappeared from the walls. Reason? Students cannot read the hours from them. Officials decided to replace traditional clocks with digital clocks. Another way to fool children and make them intellectual cripples? Or perhaps a sign of our time?

Digital means better?

Although there are five-year-olds reading hours from the clock with hands, the norm is rather different. In the first classes of primary school, a handful of children know about the watch. Usually units. Most are just beginning to teach basic, full hours with the help of a teacher.

Experts point out that today's lifestyle is not conducive to learning to read hours from a traditional clock. We live in a digital world. This is to explain why, according to the Times Educational Supplement report, many high school students (!) Cannot read the time on analog clocks. It is such a huge stress for young people, especially during exams, that the authorities of many schools decided to change clocks into digital ones.

Good decision?

The question is why instead of teaching children and young people how to read hours on traditional watches, they were immediately converted into digital clocks?

That we live in a digital world is one thing. The second is the need to educate smart young people and develop logical, abstract and critical thinking. Or are we lazy? And we prefer to buy children Velcro shoes instead of teaching how to tie shoelaces? We hand tablets and cells, and we consider clock faces to be obsolete ...