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Runny nose during pregnancy - a typical ailment for expectant mothers?

Runny nose during pregnancy - a typical ailment for expectant mothers?

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As many as 30% of future mothers struggle with a stuffy nose, which is not caused by a viral infection or allergy. Often, the runny nose during pregnancy begins in the second month and tends to get worse as pregnancy develops. All negative symptoms disappear after delivery, usually around the second week after birth.

Rhinitis in pregnancy are not always signs of infection

Rhinitis in pregnancy, especially the long-term one, is rarely the result of an infection. It is usually a symptom accompanying hormonal changes, viz more estrogen, which lead to swelling of the nasal mucosa and even an increase in mucus. Sometimes hormones make the secretions thick and difficult to remove, which can also lead to headaches.

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There is also a second reason - pregnant the amount of blood increases, which can lead to swelling of the small blood vessels in the noseas well as blockages in surrounding tissues. The effect of other hormones on mucosal status is not excluded.

When is a runny nose during pregnancy?

Sometimes a runny nose during pregnancy is one of the signs of pregnancy.

How do you know that a runny nose does not indicate an infection or an allergy?

The simplest indicator is the possible presence of other symptoms. If a runny nose during pregnancy is not accompanied by any other symptoms (e.g. headache, scratching in the throat, swollen lymph nodes, cough), it can be assumed that this is one of the symptoms of hormonal changes.

In pregnancy, inflammation is more common, for example infections involving the sinuses. However, in this situation, in addition to a runny nose, headache, toothache, facial pain, yellow or green secretions are also observed, a thick and difficult to remove problem can be sinuses.

However, if in addition to runny nose (watery, runny), there is a problem with itchy eyes, you sneeze every now and then, maybe you have an allergy. Even if you have not observed your allergy symptoms before, it is now that the symptoms may appear. This is because the future mother's body is very sensitive, which is why allergens or additional substances that previously did not cause a problem, can now be a great challenge. The course of allergies in pregnancy is difficult to predict. In many cases, mothers suffering, for example, from asthma, notice the worsening of the disease in pregnancy.

What can you do if you have a cold in pregnancy?

Natural home remedies are best for a runny nose during pregnancy. The basis is symptomatic. Namely: