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Beautiful wreaths for communion. Get inspired

Beautiful wreaths for communion. Get inspired

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The first holy communion is an important event. First of all, religious, but also those that focus thoughts on the appearance of the child. Parents and children themselves want to look nice. Particularly a lot of attention is paid to the girls' attire. In addition to the alb, which is obligatory in most churches, accessories such as wreaths for communion are also chosen that allow the child to stand out. They can be prepared from artificial or even better real flowers. What are the pros and cons of each option? What designs are worth considering?

Wreath for communion - fresh or artificial flowers?

Wreaths are considered to be symbol of innocence. They are very girlish and add charm.

Traditionally, they are made of fresh flowers of various types. They are great for this purpose Lilies of the valley, daisies, chamomile, hyacinths, orchids, twig rose and many more. Usually puts on such species that gently emphasize the beauty of the child. The goal is behavior lightness and minimalism at the same time. Moderation is key, although there will be more unusual suggestions ...

A wreath of fresh flowers, unfortunately, will not last long. However, it has the advantage of looking especially charming. Fresh flowers look light and even the most beautiful artificial counterparts are not able to match them.

A wreath of artificial flowers is definitely less problematic. It avoids the nerves about whether the decoration will survive intact and will look good on the day of the celebration.

How to choose a wreath for communion?

Of course, the first communion wreath is chosen taking into account individual taste, in other words, given what we like. The key, however, is what the hairstyle of a girl going to communion will look like. Another ornament is suitable for loose hair, buns, loose hair and braids.

Fortunately, they have professional, good quality wreaths special hairpins, elements that allow them to be properly attached to the hair. Thanks to this, the decoration keeps your head firmly and there is no risk of it falling. wiAnkles for communion can be small, quite large, white or with a predominantly green color. Sometimes they resemble a band. They are often decorated with ribbons.

Here are some examples of wreaths

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