Teething Ways - 10 methods that are worth trying out

Teeth eruption is a difficult period for both babies and parents. However, there are ways to alleviate anxiety: reduce problems falling asleep and eating. Below 10 SOS methods for painful teething.


Some children love massage and are happy to open their mouths. Others, however, hate it, so it's worth observing the child's reactions and responding to the signals sent by the baby.
Gingiva massage can be performed using a tetras diaper or a special silicone finger guard. Gentle circular movements will be best for this. Repeated as often as needed. Unfortunately, the relief for the child is temporary.

Teething teat

Some toddlers are relieved to suck on a special teat with nipples (sometimes a classic teat is used here). In this way, they can get what they need: calm down, reduce pain and reduce unpleasant itching.


Known and recommended method. The teether can be filled with water or a special gel. Chilled in the fridge (not in the freezer) allows you to reduce discomfort in the case of sore gums.

Lemon balm tea

You can opt for a tea typically prepared for children, for example Hipp, but nothing prevents you from serving a delicate tea with lemon balm, which can be found on the shelves among other teas. However, beware! This method is acceptable for children over 4 months.

The grandmother's method: chamomile

A popular way of teething used for many generations, still often recommended. All you need is sterile gauze wrapped around your finger and chamomile (summer) tea. Wiping loose gums reduces inflammation and brings relief to your baby. Unfortunately, this method is not applicable to allergy sufferers.

Analgesic gel

Painkillers are special anesthetics for teething babies. Available in several types, as proposals from various manufacturers: Calgel, Dentinox, Gel-N, Bobodent. There are various opinions about their operation. Some say they are irreplaceable, others that they are completely ineffective.


If the baby is extremely strenuous, no methods of calming do not work, or a higher temperature appears, it is worth reaching for painkillers. Administration of the drug in the form of a suspension often allows you to fall asleep peacefully and calm down the toddler who is suffering a lot. It may also be effective to give Tamtum Verde spray, a preparation specially prepared for teething children, which allows you to quickly apply the agent directly to the area that causes discomfort to the child. It is supposed to reduce swelling, relieve pain and redness.


Homeopathy is another way for various ailments that effectively divides society. Homeopathic remedies can be appreciated or completely ignored. Therefore, the use of such agents as Camilia fluid or suppositories Vibrucol N, results in different opinions, very differentiated.


When the gums itch, the child often just has to have something to crunch. Harder cookies, or a carrot tried for generations, work best.

Summer temperatures

When teething, the baby usually needs to be by the breast more often (if fed on mother's milk). It sometimes rejects other foods that have been accepted until now. It is worth taking it calmly.
It is also good to pay attention to the serving temperature. Too warm can increase the pain associated with teething. The best will be summer and slightly cool meals. Mother's milk is always served at the right temperature.

And you, what teething methods did you use most often? What worked and what didn't?