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What book for an eight year old? The best suggestions

What book for an eight year old? The best suggestions

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An eight-year-old is a child who already sees a lot and understands more. He loves competition, he feels great, which is not a surprise as a winner. Has a bigger or smaller problem with dealing with failures. Increasingly, he focuses his attention on the group and the need to be among peers. His high sensitivity and criticism make him fall into extreme moods. He has a problem to understand himself and the world around him. Therefore, if we are looking for books for an eight-year-old, readings that the child can identify with are perfect at this age. It is also worth reaching for adventure books, as well as those whose action takes place at school. And after the stories explaining emotions and how to deal with them.

"Nightmare Karolek" by Francesca Simon

How to bring a tooth fairy into the field? How to be perfect These questions are answered by nightmarish Karolek, who has a head full of crazy ideas. Parents wring their hands, but Karolek is not going to change. Every now and then something new is unfolding.

"Children of Bullerbyn" and "Pippi Stocking"

Although 'Dzieci z Bullerbyn' and 'Pippi Pończoszanka' are books from a previous era, a classic over classics, it is worth returning to them. Astrid Lindgren speaks perfectly to the imagination of children. Eight-year-olds have a chance to like nice characters created by the Swedish writer.

"Felix, Net and Nika"

Rafał Kosik series about Warsaw junior high school students who are working out a gang of thieves. Stories full of everyday school problems, inventions, feelings and threats that children may encounter. The author emphasizes the importance of family relationships and values ​​from multigenerational families. A series of books firmly rooted in Polish reality.

"There was a dog"

The story of a dog and his boy. About faithfulness and devotion. This is a story about a dog that we follow from his birth to death, followed by a rebirth in the body of another animal. The reader follows the fate of a quadruped who faces various adventures. It is a story about the search for meaning in life and mission.

"There was a dog" is a warm, touching and humorous story.

"Kids of the world" Martyna Wojciechowska

We are different from each other. How we live, how we look, what we have fun and what we eat depends largely on where we were born. Theoretically, the eight-year-old already knows a lot about cultural and national differences, but reading "Kids of the World" is a book worth reading together. Then talk well about what life is like in different parts of the world.

"Magic tree" by Andrzej Maleszka

The "magic tree" and the next parts of the story are fascinating adventures full of humor and magic. Very engaging and extremely liked by children of early school age.

"Dot with Error"

The perfect book by Anna Taraski. It tells the story of Kropka, who befriends Mistake on the pages of the notebook. One day, however, her friend disappears. The search begins.

You can read more about the book here.

"Arche's Chronicles" Agnieszka Stelmaszyk

A series of highly rated books for children around eight years old, along with which their parents will have a great time. It is hard to tear yourself away from reading, the riddle chases the riddle, and mystery is intertwined with mystery. To this you have to add a lot of humor and we have a recipe for the perfect book for children.


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